How to Set Up QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form for Employees?

How to Set Up QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form for Employees?

Worried about how to Set Up QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form for Employees? The QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form is a document used to collect and store the necessary information from employees for setting up direct deposits in QuickBooks. This form typically includes fields for employees to provide their bank account details, such as the account number and routing number, as well as their authorization and consent for direct deposit.

1. Verify eligibility: Ensure that your QuickBooks subscription includes the Direct Deposit feature.

2. Obtain Direct Deposit Authorization Forms: Use a generic Direct Deposit Authorization Form provided by your HR department or generated by QuickBooks.

3. Distribute the forms to employees: Give each employee a Direct Deposit Authorization Form and ask them to fill it out completely.

4. Collect and review the forms: Gather the completed forms from employees and review them for accuracy and completeness.

5. Enter employee bank information in QuickBooks: In QuickBooks, go to the Employee Center or employee profiles and input each employee’s bank account information, including account number and routing number.

6. Verify bank account information: QuickBooks may require you to verify the bank account information by conducting test transactions. Follow the provided instructions to confirm the test transaction amounts.

7. Process payroll with direct deposit: Once the bank account information is verified, proceed with your regular payroll process in QuickBooks, selecting the direct deposit payment method for employees who have provided their bank details.

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