How to Prepare for The AZ 900 Certification

How to Prepare for The AZ 900 Certification

You’ve come to the right place if you want to earn the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification in 2023 but are still determining how to get ready. Today, we will share a comprehensive guide to preparing for the AZ-900 certification exam, with effective tips and techniques. Companies are increasingly looking for employees with experience in and knowledge of public cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure, as cloud computing skills are in high demand. Due to increasing market demand, learning new Cloud skills has become very essential for your growth in the industry. 

Cloud Certification for Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) in 2023  

Now that you know what the Microsoft Azure Fundamental certification entails and why you should pursue it, it is time to develop a strategy for passing this illustrious exam. Here is a step-by-step guide for passing the new AZ-900 or Azure Fundamentals exam from Microsoft in 2023 

1.Microsoft Fundamental Azure AZ-900 Exam Requirements 

Compared to many other Microsoft role-based exams, the Azure AZ-900 is a simple test. Experienced cloud professional skills are not necessary for this exam. It is a fundamental level exam that introduces you to Azure tools and technology and cloud computing basic concepts. 

2.The fundamentals of the Microsoft Azure or AZ-900 

Before starting your AZ-900 exam preparation, we advise that you are familiar with the fundamentals of this exam. Microsoft has a clear examination policy and each type of exam has specific information depending on the position or function. There will be several specifics regarding Microsoft MCSA examinations, role-based exams, etc. Let’s examine how these specifics relate to our AZ-900 exam, though. 

3.Exam Structure 

An AZ-900 exam will have between 40 and 60 questions and take 85 minutes, just like the majority of Azure exams. A case study, a short answer, repeated answer possibilities, a build list, a hotspot, a multiple-choice question, a brand review, a review screen, an active screen, a better answer, drag, and drop, etc. will all be distinct question types during your exam. 

4.Examination Entry Fee 

Before beginning your AZ-900 exam preparation, it is required that you verify the exam cost. Depending on where the exam is administered, these exam fees may fluctuate. The exam will cost you as per your preference depending on the source you would like to pursue your examination as well as the location you belong to. If you would like to prepare for Microsoft examinations from scratch, then CloudThat is here to help you right from preparation to making you industry-ready.  

5.Exam Passing Score 

To pass this test, you need to score a total of 700 points. Any candidate who scores lesser than this will not get certified. A few minutes after the exam has ended, you can find out the results. You must, however, wait a few days before receiving a detailed dashboard. 

6.Policy for Exam Retakes 

Before beginning their AZ-900 exam preparation or while studying, many applicants expressed uncertainty regarding the exam repetition policies. You must wait at least 24 hours before retaking the exam if you attempt it and fail it the first time.  


You can also check out AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training, a course by CloudThat, if you’re new to the Azure Cloud Platform and searching for online training courses to learn Azure fundamentals and get ready for the Azure Fundamentals certification. To enroll in this course online, all you need is to visit CloudThat’s official website for further details. 


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