How To Increase Android Phone Battery Life

How To Increase Android Phone Battery Life

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a “Low Battery” notice right after fully charging a device. Here are some suggestions to increase the battery life of an Android phone.

1.Location or GPS

While you’re exploring, you can probably monitor your battery drain. The reason a GPS uses so many batteries is due to the quantity of energy it needs to function, which is explained by some amazing science. Since GPS relies on a series of incredibly quick updates to your instructions, your phone must have its communication channels open at all times.

It involves more than just communicating with a single cell tower. Under normal circumstances, it will communicate with three or four satellites and use that information to pinpoint your location. The GPS device’s battery channel is particularly bad because the continual activity of the application prevents the phone from entering sleep mode. That is how the majority of cell phones conserve the majority of their battery life.

2.Background-running applications

Investigate which programmes are consuming a significant amount of your phone’s battery while you’re truly looking at your settings. You can turn off background-running applications and possibly allow them to restart while you’re using them if the most energy-draining programmes are reporting “background activity.” This will save you some energy.


If you don’t need to check your email frequently, you can adjust your mail settings so that information is delivered physically rather than checking for new emails constantly.


It can be entertaining to leave your Bluetooth on all day so you can connect your phone to the speakers and listen to pretentious music continuously.


Anyhow, Android Power Life might drain your phone’s battery much more quickly than you might think. Additionally, cell data can significantly shorten the battery life of the phone.

4.Display Brightness

Brightness is the setting that is most likely draining your phone’s battery. When your phone’s power is low, lower the brightness of your presentation. You may also use the auto-brilliance feature to let your phone change its brightness based on the ambient illumination.


Additionally, using low power mode will reduce the display. If your cell phone is always flashing warnings, that could be another way it’s draining your battery. Additionally, a cracked screen might reduce battery life. Therefore,. So do the phone screen replacement immediately. 

5.Rhythmic Mode

The battery suffers greatly when your phone is frequently left on vibrating. Vibrate is a powerful power source because, despite all the amazing innovation in your phone, Android Battery Life is a startlingly antiquated piece of software.


A little engine inside your phone is responsible for the vibrate function. The small engine turns, not ringing. On your phone, it’s crooked. It takes a substantial power flow to start the engine, which is why your phone vibrates for such a brief period of time. It requires considerably more strength than just creating a commotion. That may have a significant impact on your bill as well.


The beautiful, colorful, and animated wallpapers can be a significant drain on your phone’s battery. The live wallpapers in particular consume a huge amount of your cell’s battery. Simply a wallpaper that is completely dark can double or even triple your battery life.


7.Unfair Method Of Charging

Allowing the battery to continuously cycle between full and empty can hurt it and eventually reduce its capacity. On the other hand, leaving your phone plugged in when the battery is full can harm the battery.


Every time you receive a new notification, your phone’s display screen lights up. Although receiving notification of what is happening in the applications can be useful for things like web-based entertainment and messaging, it drains your battery quickly.

Even if the battery is not working well after trying all these, better do a phone battery replacement



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