How to get portugal citizenship?

How to get portugal citizenship?

Get Portugal Citizenship. Read on to know how.

Portugal is a country rich in history, culturally vibrant with the scenic natural beauty of beaches and pleasant countryside. One of the highest-ranked passports in popular indexes, Portugal is a choice for those who want to settle down abroad with a high quality of life. Having a Portuguese passport comes with many benefits. Apart from citizenship by birth or descendancy or naturalization of foreign citizens, or residence proof in Portuguese territory overseas, investment and marriage are the best ways to get Portuguese citizenship.

Portugal Citizenship Benefits (Holding a Passport of Portugal)

Right to fundamental rights of the citizen. These include the right to vote, free entry-exit, live in the country and get a good quality of life with access to healthcare and education systems.

Portuguese citizenship lets the holder travel to 187 countries around the world visa-free. EU membership automatically considers the citizen a part of the European Union which has its added benefits.

The Portuguese passport allows flexible travel to areas under the European Union, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. Thus a Portuguese citizen can study, work and travel freely in these zones and has a say in EU referendums.

The cost of living in Portugal is affordable and employment opportunities are numerous. One can live and work in Portugal after obtaining citizenship without the need for any additional work permit.

Holding a Portuguese passport ensures Portuguese citizenship for a lifetime. The Portugal Government also recognizes dual citizenship and hence the applicant can retain the citizenship of his native country.

Portugal Citizenship Requirements (How to get a Portuguese Passport )

The most common ways to a Portuguese Citizenship are as follows:

Portuguese Citizenship by Marriage

One of the ways of obtaining Portuguese citizenship is through marriage. There’s no requirement for prior residence in Portugal. One can apply for citizenship by marriage after a period of three years. The documents that validate the marriage are required showing an integration with the Portuguese community. Divorce or separation does not revoke citizenship.

 Portuguese Citizenship By Descent:

Acquiring citizenship by descent in Portugal will require:

While the applicant is born abroad, their parents have to be Portugal born or at least one of the parents must have been born in Portugal. Another condition considered in this case is that the applicant’s parents should have served the Portuguese state. 

Obtaining a Portugal Passport By Investment

The Golden Visa Program in Portugal allows citizenship by investment with the vision of attracting foreign investment to the country. This is the fastest process for foreigners and those residing outside the EU or EFTA. This method is a naturalization process and the passport is granted to people investing a minimum of Euro 280000 in real estate. After fulfilling residency for five years one can apply for citizenship where you have to take a Portuguese eligibility test.

Requirements for a Portugal Passport:

Since there are multiple ways of getting Portuguese citizenship the requirements for applying for a Portuguese Passport will be decided by the option the applicant chooses. 

  • If a foreigner wants Portuguese citizenship then they must reside in Portugal for five years. This, in the case of a marriage bond or legal partnership with a Portuguese national, is reduced to three years.
  • Portuguese language efficiency at the level of A2
  • A sound medical record and COVID-19 vaccination certificate.
  • Criminal record which is validated by the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service or the SEF.
  • Residence Proof of Portugal
  • Besides proof of current Portuguese residency, the applicant needs to submit a tax identification number (NIF) 

Application Cost for Portugal Citizenship and Processing Time:

Again the category that the applicant applies to decides the application fee. For applying for Portuguese citizenship the application fee ranges from €175–250. 

Applicants applying for citizenship through descent can apply for free. The application fee for citizenship ranges from, depending on which category you’re applying under. For instance, those eligible for citizenship through the clause of descent can apply for a Portuguese passport for free. The average or typical application fee would be €65.

The processing time of the application is five working days on a usual average. In case of an emergency, the processing time can be quickened and reduced to two business days with additional charges. 

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