How To Generate B2B Leads From LinkedIn With Low Budget?

How To Generate B2B Leads From LinkedIn With Low Budget?

How To Generate B2B Leads From LinkedIn At Low Cost?

Here’s the most tedious part of building a B2B contact list from LinkedIn – searching LinkedIn for accurate b2b contact details. When you are looking for b2b leads then no one can beat LinkedIn. But getting b2b leads from LinkedIn is not an easy option. Because there is no option to download or export data from LinkedIn to Excel or CSV files. But, by using LinkedIn Company Extractor, you don’t have to search through LinkedIn for b2b data from millions of LinkedIn company profiles. The LinkedIn Company Data Extractor can find and extract data from thousands of LinkedIn company profiles on a daily basis without wasting time and coding. You can get unlimited b2b leads from LinkedIn for 3 months for just $60 by using this LinkedIn scraping tool.

Build Your Own B2B Database From LinkedIn At a Low Price With LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn has a user base of over 860 million users spread across the globe. It is one of the leading platforms in the world with real and valid business contact information. There are over 55 million businesses using LinkedIn for sales and marketing. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for finding business data. You can apply many filters to find businesses on LinkedIn such as searching for businesses by name, zip code, industry type, and URL. Additionally, you can also increase business sales by listing your business on LinkedIn. If you don’t want to waste your time manually searching LinkedIn, you should try LinkedIn Company Profile Extractor. LinkedIn Contact Extractor automatically searches for business data from LinkedIn with the keywords and locations you provide. The LinkedIn Scraping software then exports this data to CSV, Excel, and text files for future use.

Why Use LinkedIn Company  Extractor?

LinkedIn Data Scraper is a business scraping tool that automates the process of finding b2b contacts through LinkedIn without coding or blocking. This ensures that you spend less time searching for companies’ phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact details on LinkedIn, and more time selling! It is a one-stop solution to create and manage a b2b contact list from LinkedIn. You can find, extract, and export business data from LinkedIn to excel by using the LinkedIn Profile Extractor. The LinkedIn Scraper software searches business data by business name, zip code, LinkedIn company profile URL, and business address. You’ll get your business email address, phone number, ratings, reviews, title, image links, social media links, opening hours, staff details, and more directly to your computer in CSV, Excel, and Text formats.

With LinkedIn Company Extractor, You Can:

  • Get b2b leads for every industry and country supported by LinkedIn.
  • Scrape data from 1200-1500 LinkedIn company profiles a day with LinkedIn Email Finder.
  • Get a daily B2B email database and b2b phone number database from LinkedIn.
  • Search and export data from LinkedIn to Excel, CSV, or text files.
  • Increase your b2b sales with accurate and genuine b2b leads.


If you need b2b contact information, LinkedIn is the best platform for this purpose. While manually building a B2B contact list from LinkedIn can be a cost-effective option, it can put unnecessary strain on your time, resources, and campaign performance. If you buy b2b leads from the data brokers, you need to constantly verify the accuracy of each contact and list to ensure successful sales and marketing outreach. Irrelevant and outdated b2b marketing data can slow down your sales and marketing performance and negatively impact domain reputation. An automated tool to scrape data from LinkedIn like LinkedIn Company Data Extractor can be your best companion for finding companies, contacts, emails, direct dials, and sales intelligence in real-time and driving more meetings with your team.


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