How To Find And Get Emails From LinkedIn?

How To Find And Get Emails From LinkedIn?

The Best Tool To Find And Get B2B Emails From LinkedIn

It is wise to do your research before deciding to invest in LinkedIn email extractor software.

LinkedIn Company Data Extractor software has been in the market for more than 11 years and is considered the leader of LinkedIn Lead Generation tools in the field. You can get the best quality targeted email lists and phone number lists from LinkedIn using this LinkedIn email scraper that facilitates multi-channel campaigns and helps increase your ROI.

How To Use The Software?

First, download and install the LinkedIn Data Extractor software on your PC (Windows /10/8/7/2003/2000/Vista/XP are supported). Here is the DOWNLOAD LINK of the software.

The free trial version that you download and install will allow you to check the operation of the software. The only limitation is that it does not allow the export of the found LinkedIn data. You need to purchase the FULL version license of the LinkedIn Company Scraper to save the data on your computer (in a CSV, Excel, or TXT file).

After installing the software, you have to search for your keywords in the LinkedIn search bar. You can search for a business by name, zip code, job title, and LinkedIn company profile URL. After searching, you have to select search results for data scraping. You can select some specific results or you can select all results for scraping. After selection, you can export data from these LinkedIn profiles or search results in CSC, Excel, or Text files with the “Data Export” button given in the LinkedIn Extractor software.

Why Do You Use Need To Use LinkedIn Company Extractor?

  • The LinkedIn Email Grabber is one of the most reliable and effective email collection tools used by most marketers and freelancers to generate b2b email leads from LinkedIn.
  • The LinkedIn Bulk Email Extractor is used to extract emails, phone numbers, social media links, and other contact details from various LinkedIn profiles simultaneously.
  • You can use the LinkedIn email crawler tool to extract emails for more than 200 countries supported by LinkedIn.
  • The LinkedIn Email Hunter saves a lot of time in collecting emails and phone numbers from thousands of LinkedIn company pages.
  • A LinkedIn email scraping tool can generate a large list of emails in minimum time without any coding.
  • The LinkedIn Gmail Email Extractor allows you to find data on LinkedIn using keywords, zip codes, and LinkedIn company profile URLs.
  • You don’t need to learn any programming language LinkedIn Company Extractor software because it points and clicks software.
  • Due to its easy-to-use interface, LinkedIn Email Address Extractor is the most used and preferred tool for email collection from LinkedIn.
  • You can collect b2b email lists for the UK, USA, CA, AUS, IND, and many countries using this LinkedIn email collector.
  • It also helps to expand your business in all countries as LinkedIn Contact Extractor supports more than 195 countries and you can use it to collect email marketing data from LinkedIn for any country/city/state.
  • Using LinkedIn Company extractor, you can approach any business in the world that is registered on LinkedIn.

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