How To Draw Veteran’s Day – A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Draw Veteran’s Day – A Step-by-Step Guide

Many different holidays and celebrations are enjoyed in the United States every year. On the 11th of November, a holiday called Veteran’s Day is very important to many people. Every year, the US army works tirelessly almost the globe, and the many fighters part of this military sacrifice heaps for her country.

This vacation may be thanks to honouring and conveying troopers’ past and gifts, and learning to draw Veteran’s Day may be a good way to commemorate it. This can be the tutorial to get on for anyone desiring to honour this wonderful day! This is a guide that you will want to see all the way through to the end. We hope you enjoy this patriotic guide on Veteran’s Day in just six easy and fun steps!

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Drawing Veteran’s Day

Step 1

The picture we will be drawing in this guide on how to mark Veteran’s Day incorporates an idea inspired by the famous Raising the Flag in the Iwo Jima photograph.

This famous image displays some soldiers fetching up a US flag during the second world war, and it has become an iconic representation of patriotic dignity.

To begin this depiction, you can use straight lines for the flag’s pole. Then, use curved lines for the flag’s fabric and add some inner details.

In this stage, you can also sketch the first soldier in the lower left-hand corner of the image. Once these elements are drawn, we can then proceed to step 2.

Step 2 

We will add another soldier to the image for the second step of this Veteran’s Day drawing.

This soldier will go extremely close to the first soldier that you sketched, and he will be drawn to look very similar to that first soldier.

This second one will get the flag instantly, whereas the first soldier was arriving towards the pole.

Once you have finished drawing this second soldier, we can keep adding to the image as we tend to move to the third step of this guide drawing Veteran’s Day.

Step 3

Currently, you are prepared to add some more soldiers to the scene in this third step of our guide on how to sketch Veteran’s Day.

First, we will draw a soldier holding onto the flag pole. This soldier will be a little different from the others because we will see a profile of his face due to his angle.

At first, it may be hard to see, but another soldier is behind him. We will see a portion of his curved helmet and leg extending out in front.

Step 4

In your Veteran’s Day drawing step, we will add the final soldier to the image. Once this step is done, we can add some final details and touches to the guide’s next step.

This final soldier can go right at the bottom of the flagpole so that he will be rather low to the ground.

Finish off by drawing some curved pipes for the rocky ground under them, and then when these elements are complete, we can move on to those final facts we mentioned!

Step 5

This is a very patriotic picture, and we will emphasize this flank of it in this fifth step of our guide on how to sketch Veteran’s Day.

You have completed all of the designs and details for the image itself, and during this step, we’ll write an associate exalting message.

To do this, we use an elaborate font to write a large and bold thank you above the scene. To highlight the patriotic emotion, we encircled the text with stars to reference the flag.

This is one message you’ll write higher than the scene. However, you must suppose free to add any other text you may prefer!

If there is a particular veteran in your life, maybe you could write a better-specialized message to them to turn this into a card for them. 

Step 6 

You have finished all the details of this Veteran’s Day drawing, and now you’re ready to finish the image with some color!

In our reference image, we showed off some of the colors you could use for this picture.

We used some rich greens for the soldiers’ uniforms and patriotic red, white, and blue for the flag.

Finally, we had some gold and yellow for the text beyond the scene. These are the colors we selected, but you should go forward and use any colors you pick!

One thought would be to use greys for the picture to complete it looks black and white. It would make it look more photo inspired, but what other fun ideas do you have?


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