How to download twitter video

How to download twitter video

One of the features that Twitter users miss the most is the ability to download videos. It is a huge benefit to have the option to watch platform videos without requiring an internet connection.

The fact that this option is not available does not exclude this action from being carried out because there are alternative options that could be used.

Android is one of the most popular operating systems right now. Thus, you must adhere to a pretty straightforward process if you want to download Twitter videos from this operating system. You can just use a web page to manage the download without of having to install any programmer. Next, describe the subsequent actions:

1. Twitter must be logged in as normal.
2. Find the video you wish to download to your device once you’re ready.
3. When you do, open the tweet by clicking the arrow in the top right corner. A menu will appear right away.
4. Click on the “Copy Tweet link” option when the pop-up menu appears. By doing this, the video’s URL or link can be saved to the device’s clipboard.
5. Now launch your computer’s web browser, visit twitter video downloader  into the search box, and hold down the option to paste until it pops up. The address that was copied from Twitter will be shown immediately.
6. Go to the download options by tapping Download. The video’s Mp4 quality will be displayed there.


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