How to Convert PST to NSF File Format-Effectively

How to Convert PST to NSF File Format-Effectively

In today’s technological world, users are switching from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes as their working environment. To accomplish this, first, convert PST to NSF format. In this article, we will discuss the best PST to NSF Converter software that will assist you in converting PST files to NSF.

In this digital and innovative world, clients rely on the best email client to keep their business running smoothly. Aside from that, each organization intends to safeguard valuable data from unauthorized data access. The two most popular email clients in businesses are IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. However, certain circumstances require users to switch from Microsoft Outlook to IBM Lotus Notes. Switching from Outlook to IBM is a significant undertaking. Continue reading to learn how to convert PST to NSF file formats using simple and easy methods.

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Furthermore, both save or store their data in their respective file formats. The PST file is used by Microsoft Outlook, and the NSF data files are used by IBM Lotus Notes. To justify or respond to the question -How to convert PST files to NSF file format? Continue reading the entire article.

Additional Advantages of Migrating from Microsoft Outlook to IBM Lotus Notes?

Small and large-scale businesses are currently migrating to IBM Lotus Notes for increased productivity and data security. Similarly, there are additional advantages to switching from IBM Lotus Notes.

  • Lotus Notes is more compatible than Outlook. Lotus Notes is compatible with Linux and the i5 operating system, whereas Outlook is only compatible with Windows.
  • Lotus Notes is more secure than Microsoft Outlook terms of security. Lotus Notes offers the option to encrypt emails to protect them from unauthorized access. Outlook does not support email encryption.
  • Support for sharing information that aids in collaborative work.
  • Among all available email clients, the client-server architect creates the best email clients.

These are some additional advantages to switching from Outlook to IBM Lotus Notes. Users must first convert PST to NSF before uploading the NSF files to IBM Lotus Notes.

How Can I Export Outlook to NSF?

If you want to convert IBM Lotus Notes PST to NSF file formats, you must use professional software. There is also a manual method to convert Outlook PST to Lotus Notes Archive using Lotus Notes’ nupgrade.exe tool. However, most users fail to convert PST files to NSF using the nupgrade.exe tool. As a result of this requirement, we developed an advanced PST to NSF Converter to convert PST files to NSF files.

Converting PST Files to NSF Format in Five Easy Steps: –

  • Select the PST file by clicking the Browse button (s).
  • View the PST file emails with attachments here.

  • Finally, check the folder and press next.
  • Now, from the displayed drop-down menu, select NSF as the saving format.

  • From the software interface, select the required features.
  • Finally, select the saving option and press Convert.

These are the steps taken by the professional PST to NSF Converter to easily convert PST files to NSF format. It is a stand-alone application that allows users to Convert PST to NSF without using Lotus Notes. Furthermore, this utility comes with a slew of other benefits.

The Benefits of a PST to NSF Converter

  • It allows you to convert PST files to NSF, EML, EMLX, OST, HTML, and a variety of other file formats.
  • PST files can be migrated to Gmail, Office 365, Hotmail, AOL, and over ten other email clients.
  • Converting emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and notes from Outlook PST data files is supported by the software.
  • Allow for the conversion of PST files in bulk into NSF and other file formats and email clients.


When comparing the two email clients, IBM Lotus Notes is more secure and compatible than any other email client. Thus, we have already discussed the difficulties or challenges that the manual method of converting PST to NSF format. Here is the complete automated method for converting PST files to Lotus Notes NSF file formats.


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