How to Clean Stubborn Sofa Stains Properly

How to Clean Stubborn Sofa Stains Properly

When your sofa is covered in spills and stains, it looks dirty and unhygienic. You can ruin the aesthetics of your living room with such a filthy sofa. Additionally, it will allow your cousins to backbite you. It makes sense to maintain your sofas, so why not keep them clean? The process is not complicated at all. Booking cleaning services can prevent stains and blemishes on your sofa by scheduling a regular vacuuming routine. 

Please read this article carefully if you intend to clean your sofas yourself.

The right way

Don’t worry if your sofa looks dirty and unhygienic because of stains and marks. Here’s where you should be. To remove stubborn stains from your sofa, we will show you some of the most tried and tested techniques.

Beverages and Food

You may find that your children prefer to eat and drink on the sofas located in the middle of your living room. In this situation, spills and stains are normal.

When you remove these stains as soon as possible, they can be easily removed, but if you leave them for a longer period of time, they can become harder to remove. Stains on your sofa should therefore be removed as soon as possible.

There is a stain on the carpet that needs to be removed. Would it be possible for you to do that? This is not a complicated process. Using liquid soap and lukewarm or cold water, you can remove stains. With the distilled water, the retreat comes to an end.

Resin, varnish, and glue

There are many homes with oval or egg-shaped chairs or sofas with cushions covered in dust. As a result, they must be cleaned. Water cannot dissolve all of these substances, making their removal difficult. For such substances, benzine is an effective stain remover.

It can become challenging when applying benzine since it affects the texture and color of your sofa. Incorrect application can result in fiber loss.

A small piece of fabric from your sofa should be tested with benzine solution. Apply it to all sofa parts if it doesn’t go wrong.

The chewing gum

There is no stain more stubborn than chewing gum. However, there is still a way out of this dilemma. The answer is yes.

It can be easily and effectively removed by specialized cleaning services in Lahore. The chewing gum stain can be removed with ice cubes or a bag of ice. That’s it! It is now time to remove the chewing gum that has solidified.

Stains of blood

Bloody stains on your sofa should be washed immediately with clean water. By washing it, you will be able to remove it in no time if it is still fresh.

A chemical cleaning solution will, however, be required if the stain has dried. Consider:

  • There is one tablespoon of citrus acid
  • One cup of clean water

Preparation of a solution requires mixing them well. Wait for a while after applying this solution to the stained area. Work the stain into the center and the edges of a white cloth piece by soaking it in the solution.

Stains from coffee

There was a possibility that coffee stains were present on your sofa. Blot out as much liquid as you can with a cloth if the stains are fresh.

When you have finished blotting, prepare a solution by mixing detergent with water. Scrubbing with a damp cloth will remove the stain. Apply this solution to the stain and scrub it until it disappears.

Never forget! It is important not to press too hard, as it may cause your detergent to sink too deep, preventing it from drying and causing future mildew growth. Make sure your sofa is treated gently.


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