How to choose the right high school in Singapore for your child?

How to choose the right high school in Singapore for your child?

Choosing the right high school for your child is one of the most critical decisions. Because the school decides your child’s future through education, and knowledge helps them seek future growth. 


Let us make this easy for you. We have taught some really cool tips on choosing the right school in Singapore for your child.

Let’s get started! 


Put your problems aside.

Every parent dealing with high school for the second time must first set aside their anxieties about that phase of life and acknowledge that this is a fresh start for a child with no preconceived notions about singapore high school


Don’t overwhelm them with tales of your own unpleasant high school experiences that can tarnish their turn because they are starting at a new school and are thus getting a fresh start.


Get active

Start discussing the value of extra effort during the academic year with your child. The grades are important, aren’t they? 

And not simply in exam situations! It’s vital to remember that these results are accumulated throughout the year, so they must work hard to pass every oral exam, project, and midterm!


Tour each institution

It’s critical to stop by every school on your lengthy list on Open Day. Grade 7 students and their parents are welcome to attend these events, typically during the first trimester of each academic year (NB: Bring Dad along!). Parents also get to know their children deeply.


Call the school secretary during the first week of 1st semester to find out the date of the Open Day, or keep an eye out for information to be sent home with your child.


Speak with the instructors, present pupils, and their parents.

Is there a chance to interact with some children on Open Day? Asking students about their experiences is good because many schools use them as counselors. However, student honesty is typically unpleasant at times. It’s not a good indicator if the school forbids you from getting close to the students.


Stay aware of the additionals.

A school’s academic standing and athletic achievements are, of course, important factors to consider. But keep in mind that there are other pillars as well, helping to support the roof. They are unquestionably crucial, mainly whether your youngster excels in academics or sports. Since my child falls into neither category, I’ll dig deeper.


If your child excels in the arts and drama, consider the programs they provide in those areas. What about musical offerings? Do they perform live concerts or have an orchestra or choir? What about the children’s sports at the bottom of the batting order?


Consider diversity


Every high school in Singapore prepares students for a life in the real world after college. Children should become accustomed to interacting and working with individuals of many races, religions, and beliefs while living in South Africa. Make sure that the education system you select for the child is inclusive, exposing the student to a trans-society rather than just one population.


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