How To Build Confidence In Child?

How To Build Confidence In Child?

If you are looking for how to build confidence in child, then you are at the right place. Children are so delicate and tender that the way you mold them, they mold into that form, and their development starts in the same way.  

There are many children in whom, due to lack of self-confidence, they are not able to express their feelings in front of others, due to which parents also have to face a lot of trouble with the children. Today think-how.com is going to tell you some easy tips to know how to boost self esteem in a child.

Why is it important to build self confidence in a child?

Self-confidence means a combination of self and belief means having faith and control over oneself. Just like this, confidence is necessary in the life of elders; in the same way, building self confidence in a child matters a lot in the life of children too. Like the elders, nowadays many challenges have increased in the life of children too.  

So today, in this challenging life, parents want to prepare their children for all kinds of competition. All these things put a lot of pressure on the mind of young children, due to which their confidence starts falling. 

Therefore, parents should teach good values ​​in children from childhood so that their hesitation ends and gradually the confidence of the children starts growing when the foundation of the values ​​is strengthened. So let’s know how to boost self esteem in a child.

7 Tips To Build Self Confidence In A Child

7 Tips To Build Self Confidence In A Child

1. Extra-Curricular Activities

This is the first and foremost important thing to know how to build confidence in child. When your children start going to school, encourage them to participate in activities other than studies. Due to this also the confidence and courage in the children increase.  

They also have the zeal to do something, but parents should not always pressure them to win. Due to this, it starts building self confidence in a child.  

That’s why you teach children everything slowly and with love. By becoming friends with your children, share your happiness, troubles, and mistakes without any hesitation. This will make it easier for you to understand your children. 

Therefore, if your child is feeling less confident in himself, then you can increase building self confidence in a child by understanding him and adopting some tips. 

2. Start from Home

It is said that the first school of a child is their own home. If your child lacks confidence in himself, then they feel hesitant to express his point of view among other people, but you should not panic about this, but start his training from home.  

You first encourage him to speak in your family and then gradually encourage him among friends as well. With this, the child gradually overcomes his fear and learns to speak properly in front of others.

3. Praise your Child

If you want to build self confidence in a child, then you keep praising them in between any work. It is a great encouragement for children to hear their praises from their parents. They repeat the good deed over and over again after hearing his praise from his parents.  

Therefore, you must praise him for doing small work like drawing a picture, solving a problem, or any other good work. This will increase their confidence and confidence in themselves.  Also read: Importance of Grandparents in Children’s Life

4. Convince him to do their own work

You should always ask children to do their own minor tasks like washing their hands before and after eating, bathing, doing their own hair, keeping their uniform and shoes with them after coming from school, their own school bag setting, etc. 

You should motivate him to complete every task with full responsibility because completing any task increases confidence in the children, and apart from this, they also get to learn something or the other.  

You also ask them to do other things related to studies, but you must guide them once. Explain to them how they have to do this work. In the meantime, you must keep an eye on them so that if they have any problem, then you can explain to them again or help them. Doing their own work and solving difficulties also build self confidence in a child, and they also get to learn something new.

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5. Stay away from negative thinking

Explain to the children that they should not give up before starting any work and do not keep their negative thinking towards the work. If they do this, then both their confidence and their passion for work will be reduced.  

Explain to them that if they accept defeat beforehand, their inner qualities will be hidden, and they will go away without trying. That’s why they should have a positive feeling for everything because positive thinking not only changes the way of living but it also teaches something or the other. At the same time, instead of getting disappointed at the loss of the children, ask them to learn from it.

6. Talking with your children about daily activities

Now talk to the children about daily activities. You always talk to them not only as a parent but also as their friend. Share with him all their happiness, troubles, mistakes without any hesitation so that they can share all their problems with you comfortably. If there is any hesitation in their mind, they will not tell you their problem because they will be afraid that they may get scolded or killed if told. 

Therefore, you should maintain a friendly relationship with them and tell them that if they talk to anyone, then talk to them with eyes. In this way, whatever fear or hesitation they have in their mind will gradually go away and build self-confidence in a child.

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7. Remembering honored and holy people

Tell the stories of good people and great men to your children. The life of good people and great men influences our lives as well as promotes good habits, which increases confidence in children and leads them towards success.  

Also, tell them that they should bring change in their life like those big people and should not be afraid of success and failure. Make them understand that whatever they win or lose, they accept both of them instinctively.  

If you fail, then try again to achieve success with full enthusiasm. To recover from falling is the name of this life. Don’t give up trying for fear of failure.

8. Don’t compare with other children

The best answer to the question: how to boost self esteem in a child? Never compare your children with other children. This creates an inferiority complex in children and lowers their self-confidence. 

You should never make fun of other children or your children in front of them. You tell them that everyone has something special in them.  

Therefore, recognizing their strengths increase their confidence. Teach your children to respect themselves because unless the child knows how to respect himself, he will neither respect himself nor others. You should not compare them with other children, but ask them to look inside themselves. 

Tell them to make their own decisions. If children can make their own decisions, then the child will definitely grow up and progress.

9. Don’t put your expectations on children

Parents should never impose their expectations on their children. This puts children under stress. You understand their feelings and set their goals, and encourage them to move forward focusing on your goal.  Spend time with them, understand their feelings, identify their qualities and what they want to do, then set their goals. If you always follow their own will, then they will start to lack trust. So you are not their weakness but their morale.

10. Strong Emotional Attachment

The last tip of how to build confidence in child is don’t let the emotions run out in your children, but for that, you love them, talk to them, hug them and teach them to share. Teach children to help others. All this will keep all the emotions alive in your kids.  

Today’s era is the era of competition, and in order to win, a person can harm others, which destroys his feelings, but if you teach him to take care of his own as well as the feelings of others from his childhood, then they will be very happy. You can avoid any kind of bad feelings. 


With children, all these habits build self confidence in a child. Along with all these building self confidence in a child tips, one should also appreciate the time because as the time is running, the changes are happening rapidly in the society. According to the changing times, it is also necessary to change oneself in colloquial, dress, etc., because it is said that change is the law of nature. This change increases enthusiasm and confidence in oneself. We hope you found this article to be informative and that it provided you with important information about how to build confidence in child.

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