How to Archive Zimbra Mailbox to PST?

How to Archive Zimbra Mailbox to PST?

Are you moving to Microsoft Outlook email client from Zimbra? Having lots of archived TGZ files on the system? Looking for a solution to archive Zimbra mailbox to PST? No worries simply go through the segment here that has explained an incomparable technique that allow users to effortlessly archive Zimbra mailbox to PST with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

Zimbra and Microsoft Outlook are popular email applications. Many IT firms and individuals use these two programs to manage their large amount of database. Both deliver powerful services to users. However, the most common reason why users are moving to Outlook from Zimbra is the storage space. Zimbra is basically built-up for small organizations. And, when the organization is expanding its horizon then the email client starts creating a problem for them. Because, the storage space in Zimbra is limited. Moreover, the professionals receive plenty of files and documents from people worldwide. So, now Microsoft Outlook comes in the picture.

Microsoft Outlook is a user-friendly email application that is free from all types of complexities. It offers large storage capacity to users and so many organizations and individuals prefer working on the same. The email client is also a personal information manager because it manages the personal data items of users really well such as contacts, meetings, tasks, etc. However, the most beneficial aspect of Outlook is that it delivers the integration with Microsoft SharePoint. It helps users to exchange their crucial data without facing any issues. Another most important benefit of using Microsoft Outlook is the storage size. Users can effortlessly manage their unlimited files on the same. Not only this, every year its gets updated and more advanced features are introduced that helps in enhancing the workflow of an organization.

How to Archive Zimbra Mailbox to PST?

There are multiple ways of archiving Zimbra Mailbox to PST:

  1. Manual Technique
  2. Using CubexSoft Zimbra to PST Converter

Method 1. Manually Archiving Zimbra Mailboxes to PST

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on the system.
  2. Navigate to File and hit Add Account
  3. Click Setup Mail Account.
  4. Add Account window will appear. Choose either Click on the Manual Setup or Additional Server Type.
  5. Opt for Exchange Active Sync.
  6. Enter the required details and hit Next.

After this, you will probably be able to receive the email messages of Zimbra in Outlook. And, if this method suits you, then you can go ahead with the procedure and archive Zimbra mailbox in Outlook like this only. Or, you can choose easiest and short method if you want to archive Zimbra mailboxes in a batch into Outlook in minimum time.

Method 2. Easy & Short Method to Archive Zimbra Mailbox to PST

The CubexSoft Zimbra to PST Converter is a perfect solution for users who wants to directly archive Zimbra mailboxes to PST with emails, contacts, calendars and other items. The software possesses a batch mode function that allows users to save their time by archiving Zimbra mailboxes in a batch to PST at once. And, the output will be received without any data alteration. However, the GUI of the application is also simple and it is built-up in a way that technical and novice users can easily make use of to archive Zimbra mailboxes to PST.

The utility is equipped with many features so that users can use them accordingly and perform the process as per their requirements. Moreover, the trial edition is also beneficial aspect of the application with the help of which users can check the conversion steps of Zimbra to Outlook for free.

Working Steps to Archive Zimbra Mailbox to PST

Step 1. Launch and Open Zimbra to PST Converter Tool on Windows. Select first option and click Next.

home screen

Step 2. Use Add File(s) button to add crucial Zimbra TGZ files/folders/extracted items.

select email source

Step 3. The chosen TGZ data will start to appear on the software once the tool completes the scanning process.

select email source

Step 4. You can use the required TGZ folder and view its files data in a Preview window.

select email source

Step 5. Now, go to Export and choose PST format from Select Saving Options.

select email source

Step 6. Set the sub-options of PST file according to the necessary and then press Convert.

select email source

Step 7. Check the current progress of Zimbra to PST Conversion.

select email source

Step 8. The process will finally end with “Process Completed Successfully” message. Click OK to close the message.

select email source

Now, go to the location where PST files are saved and import them into your Microsoft Outlook email account. After that, you can open required Zimbra data in the same and check the output. However, you will see that the content of a particular email is totally accurate and even the formatting properties will appear without modification.


The complete write-up has mentioned multiple methods to archive Zimbra mailbox to Outlook. The first method is manual and is recommended only when users are having two to three Zimbra mailboxes. Otherwise, the second method i.e. CubexSoft Zimbra Converter will be a wise choice for every individual who is looking for a safe and secure process. You can even use its free demo and test the conversion for free. It allows to archive first 25 files from each mailbox to PST free of cost.


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