How to Add Hotmail Email to Outlook with Double Solution

How to Add Hotmail Email to Outlook with Double Solution

Are you facing problem to add Hotmail Email to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & 2021? Then you are at exact platform that will help for adding Hotmail to Outlook with manual method and Hotmail backup tool. Both solutions are useful and fulfil your requirement to add Hotmail account to Outlook PST without any issue.

Hotmail is a popular web-based application that one can easily send/receive emails. If you want a solution to extract Hotmail data without internet, then you require desktop-supported email app such as Outlook and then you can view Hotmail emails locally. So, in the mentioned article, you will be able to learn the Outlook.com conversion process into Outlook for desktop. The solution discussed proved to be the best for implementing the desired process.

Multiple Methods to Know how to migrate Hotmail Account to Outlook

Users have multiple options to add Hotmail emails to Outlook account. Some of the solutions discussed below.

Method 1. Manual Way Out to add Hotmail Emails to Outlook

The manual process includes configuring Hotmail user account in Outlook 2010. Once the setup completes and the Hotmail account is synchronized, users then access their Hotmail emails in Microsoft Outlook. Follow the mentioned steps to access Hotmail user emails in Outlook:

  1. Run Outlook.
  2. Go to File, hit Info and click Add Account.
  3. Add Account window now appears, choose “Manually Configure Server Setting or Additional Server Type” radio button. Press Next.
  4. Hit Internet E-mail and click Next.
  5. Next screen now appears, add desired Name and Hotmail email account under User Information Category to import Hotmail emails to Outlook.
  6. Choose POP3 as account type. Enter the desired details i.e. outlook.office365.com in “Incoming Mail Server” and enter smtp.office365.com as “Outgoing mail server” name.
  7. Provide username and password of Hotmail account appearing under Logon Information Section.
  8. Go to More Settings, select option “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) needs authentication” from Outgoing Server tab.
  9. Choose Advanced tab, enter 995 as POP3 Server Port and 587 in SMTP Server Port. Also, select SSL as “Incoming SSL setting” and STARTTLS as “Outgoing server setting”.
  • Choose Test Account Settings and let Outlook check incoming/outgoing server messages.
  • Hit Next, Finish the complete configuration to import Hotmail emails to Outlook.
  • Close as well as launch Outlook again on the desktop and you will see Hotmail emails successfully moved to Outlook.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

  • Lengthy and consumes lot of time.
  • Wrong server configuration can stop the process.
  • Technical Skills needed to perform the process.
  • Knowledge of Hotmail environment is must.
  • Data accuracy is not guaranteed.

How to Add Hotmail Email to Outlook with Hotmail Backup tool

If you have need quick, simple, advanced and assured Hotmail to Outlook backup process then trust on the CubexSoft Hotmail Backup tool that is amazing utility for adding Hotmail to Outlook. The software has efficiency to add Hotmail account emails to Outlook 2010, 2013 and other editions including 2021. It has bulk mode option that assists to directly add all emails from multiple Hotmail accounts to Outlook in single round processing. The software has efficiency to run on the Windows & Mac OS editions. To know about how to add Hotmail account to Outlook in simple steps, follow the given steps –

  • Download, install and launch the Hotmail Email backup tool
  • Select Hotmail/Outlook.com option from the left side available webmail sources options.
  • Provide login details of Hotmail account, you can also use batch mode & proxy server option. Hit on the login button.
  • It displays all loaded data of Hotmail account, mark and unmark on the checkboxes of the file.
  • Choose filters options from filter tab.
  • Choose PST saving options from select saving option from backup tab.
  • Select desired options and click on backup button.
  • Backup process starts and also complete with a successful message.

Download the Hotmail Email backup software and also try it to clear your all doubts with 25 emails from Hotmail account to Outlook PST at free of cost. Here, you can try both explained solutions and clear all confusions for adding Hotmail Email to Outlook.


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