How CRM Systems can help businesses stay profitable

How CRM Systems can help businesses stay profitable

Modern CRM systems have become essential as a business tool to foster leads to close while also managing current customer projects and maintaining proper customer service levels. Let’s review how CRM Systems can help businesses stay profitable.

If your company is considering perfex solutions, mostly available today as Cloud CRM technology, there are probably key questions to ask your Sales Manager, such as:

  • Is there a system currently in place to effectively manage each new prospect?
  • Do you know what your lead conversion rate is?
  • What is the conversion rate by sales rep and by lead source?
  • Do you know If your sales team is following up with every lead on time?
  • How many attempts are they making to follow up, and how is this recorded?
  • Do you know the close rate on each piece of information? Each Salesperson closing ratio?

Lead Conversion

The important challenge is how to improve lead conversion to boost revenue effectively. How to improve lead conversions is a question that most sales and marketing professionals think about often. Companies should make the correct investment in technology to build a continuous pipeline for growth. This all starts with a solid system to ensure leads are properly followed up; amazingly enough, many companies do not have such a system in place.

There is nothing more frustrating for Sales & Marketing leaders than learning that a new prospect purchased from a competitor because sales did not properly follow up. Today, the timing of new prospect follow-up is critical. Most perfex crm integration highly recommend that initial follow-up on new leads/prospects be performed within 1 hour; doing so significantly increases your chance of converting leads/prospects to revenue.

Follow-up Process

Also, a consistent and thorough lead/prospect follow-up process will dramatically improve your team’s lead qualification rates. If your organization does not have a system in place already, such as a CRM system with this Key Feature or proper sales follow-up, it is risking lost revenue from lost sales.

Unfortunately, a CRM system with a proven methodology for effective and proper lead follow-up has the potential for missed opportunities. This missed opportunity equates to a loss of revenue for your company. Without a good sales tool, it is virtually impossible to enforce sales best practices or consistent processes.


The sales process is as important if not more important than the CRM software itself; however, most CRM systems have no pre-built, out-of-box sales process. Hiring a consultant to build this needed business process into CRM is cost-prohibitive for many businesses.

Power-CRM, offered by incepts Technology Group, is a next-generation, cloud-based solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platforms that is both feature-rich and affordable. Power CRM is more than just another CRM system; it is a best-practice sales process tool.

Last Thought

Included in Power-CRM is Prospect Sales Tracking to ensure proper lead follow-up. Power-CRM includes built-in sales processes developed with input from several top national sales experts for Prospect, Sales Opportunity, Forecast, and Customer Account management.


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