How Can You Get Anal Warts? Know About Anal Warts Treatment

How Can You Get Anal Warts? Know About Anal Warts Treatment

Anal warts are small warts that occur inside and around the anus. It is a form of genital wart known as condyloma acuminata. So, how do you get anal warts? You should also know about the anal warts treatment.

Generally, human papillomavirus (HPV) causes this genital wart that spreads due to skin contact or sexual intercourse. The symptoms of anal warts are visibly varied.
In most cases, the person doesn’t feel pain or discomfort due to warts. Nonetheless, they often get irritated once anal warts start growing large and start to bleed or itch. In asymptomatic cases, the person with anal warts might not know what they are suffering from.
What are anal warts?
Anal warts are small perianal warts, also called condyloma acuminata, that grow inside and around the opening of the rectum called the anus. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the leading cause of the growth of anal warts. This is a sexually transmitted infection that transmits when the skin comes in contact during sex or other ways with an infected person.

Genital warts may appear in your penis, groin, scrotum, thighs, and the surrounding areas of the anus.

Since anal warts sometimes don’t have noticeable symptoms, people remain unaware of this problem. So, it is best to consult a health provider to evaluate the infection if you suspect having anal warts clinically.

When left untreated, this infection that occurs due to some strains of HPV may eventually lead to cancerous disease. Although HPV has no direct cure, fortunately, bumps on anus not warts are treatable.
How do anal warts look?
Anal warts initially grow as soft, dome-shaped tiny bumps in either light brown, skin color, yellow or pink color. They tend to increase quickly and take the shape of cauliflower-like in large cluster form. If anal warts grow in the rectum, the person cannot see or even feel them. Anal warts can also leak fluid.
How Do You Get Anal Warts?
People have a higher risk of getting anal warts if they:

have sex with an infected person
comes in direct contact with the mouth, genital or anal area of an HPV-infected person
have unprotected sexual intercourse with barriers like condoms, dental dams, etc.
engage in sexual intercourse with multiple partners
have a weak immune system

However, a person can still get anal warts by having sex with one partner, as condoms do not give complete protection against them. According to the survey on how you get anal warts, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that this is very common to spread through anal and genital sex. Nearly every sexually active man and woman gets this infection at some point in their life.
How to Treat Anal Warts?
Healthcare providers usually diagnose this infection with a physical examination by inspecting anal warts by looking in and around the anus and genitals. They use a small tool known as an anoscope to look deep inside the anus.

The treatment includes the prescription of topical creams in mild cases and laser, cryotherapy or electrocautery in severe cases. The anal warts treatment depends on several factors like the number, location, severity, patient preference and doctor experience.

If warts seem to be suspicious or don’t respond to anal warts treatment, the healthcare provider may then recommend a biopsy.
Does an anal wart need surgical treatment?
Surgery is the most effective method for removing large internal anal warts. The surgeon will remove the warts inside the rectum at an outpatient facility. The recovery process after surgery is very simple. Some surgeons apply local anesthesia to the anal part, whereas others choose general anesthesia to let you fall asleep. You can consult your surgeon to know about any side effects of anal wart surgery.
Anal warts become larger or spread gradually when left untreated. In severe cases, they can result in anal cancer. That is why you should get in touch with your healthcare specialists to diagnose anal wart symptoms.
How do I get rid of anal warts naturally?
Some people try out natural home remedies to alleviate the symptoms of genital warts near anus. You can apply apple cider vinegar to the genital wart. Leave the vinegar in the parts for a few minutes and then wipe it using a dry cloth. Repeat this process 3 times a day.

Tea tree oil is also effective for the remedy because it has antiviral and antifungal properties. Treat the affected part with a few drops of the oil. Some people also have tried out olive oil and castor oil for home treatment.
How you get anal warts is no mystery, as this contagious infection is easy to spread. A person infected with warts may notice problems like itching, bleeding or a lump-like feel in the anus. The treatment varies depending on the cases. Nonetheless, without proper treatment, anal warts can lead to cancer.

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