How can you choose the right door handle for your home?

How can you choose the right door handle for your home?

Door knobs & handles may not get as much attention as they should when planning an interior design scheme. Yet, with the right door hardware, you may improve the aesthetics of your home’s interiors while also bolstering its practicality and safety.

Doors are a practical, important part of every home since they allow you to enter and exit different areas. Most homes will have numerous interior and exterior door handle design that need to be fitted with suitable hardware. It’s not uncommon for older homes to have more than the average internal doors, while newer homes tend to have fewer.

Even though it may seem daunting, picking out the perfect door knobs for your home is rather simple. Finding the right selection for your design style can be difficult from the many offered.

To help you choose the perfect internal door handles to round out your interior design, our specialists have compiled a comprehensive guide to the latest styles in door furniture.


The choice between door handle design and door knobs may be the most important. For either, you can choose from various designs, from the classics to cutting-edge modern aesthetics.

  • Door knobs –

The most traditional option, door knobs, date back to the beginning of door hardware and remain widely used today, especially in older homes. Door knobs, typically associated with older homes and more traditional interiors, can look great in spaces with a more modern design aesthetic.

  • Door handles –

Door handles, a more contemporary option, have been used by the public since the early 1800s. Adding a mechanism to a door handle makes it simpler to open, as it allows for a firmer grasp and is hence more accessible to people of all physical abilities.

Door handles, like door knobs, come in a wide variety of designs, colours, and materials, so you can find one that complements your home’s decor perfectly.

The ultimate deciding factor in picking one over the other will be your unique sense of style and personal preference.

The Most Common Types of Door Handles and Knobs –


This Lever Handle on Backing plate is a timeless fixture that looks well in any classically styled home. Keyholes, bathroom thumb turns, & door lock design is just some of the other options for Lever Handles on Backplate, and there are many more to choose from. They have a modern backplate that hides the mechanisms and screws, making for a clean appearance.

These handles are a great, adaptable choice because of the wide range of sizes available for the backplates.


A Lever on Rose door handle is a classic that may be found on doors in any home because of its understated elegance. The plate of the handle, sometimes known as the ‘rose,’ can be either round or square. To achieve a flush appearance with the door and a more upscale aesthetic, the rose can hide the screws and other hardware.

Typically mounted on interior doors, Lever on Rose door knobs are a stylish and functional option. The Lever on Rose door handle is versatile enough to work with the other door lock design, thumb turn, and latches if necessary.


Mortice door knobs, an elegant alternative to door handles, are typically found in older homes. Mortise door knobs, typically made of glass or a dazzling, polished finish, are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. Mortice door knobs may provide a touch of luxury and sophistication to whatever room they are installed in.

Combining mortise door knobs with locks, bathroom thumb turns, & euro locks add an extra layer of protection to any space that might require it. You can use these to keep your room and things safe by installing them below the door handle.


As the field of interior design has exploded in recent years, so has the variety of door knobs on the market. A wide variety of door handles are available in Dorset, from ultra-modern and contemporary to more classic & vintage-inspired designs so that they may be easily involved  in any interior design scheme.


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