High Accuracy Equipment for Izod Impact Test of Plastics

High Accuracy Equipment for Izod Impact Test of Plastics

If you are looking for an accurate testing instrument to calculate the impact resistance of plastics and metals, then we suggest you go with the IZOD Impact Tester–Digital. This is one of the amazing testing instruments that will help you to calculate the impact resistance of plastics and metals. This laboratory testing instrument from Presto is based on the principle of the pendulum method.

Plastic Materials are not only a part of domestic or commercial appliances, they are also contributing towards highly complex industrial machinery, automotive sector and even in the Aerospace industry. Being involved in such sensitive applications, plastic material must deliver strength and high-quality. Use of Rigid Plastic Testing Instruments can be a solution for assuring top-quality in plastic material. However, it is to be noted that every test instrument is made for evaluation of a particular property only. Thus, choosing the machine requires careful attention and understand.

What is Digital IZOD Impact Tester?

In today’s post, we will discuss one of the most common test and its related equipment for plastic quality assurance. Digital IZOD/CHARPY Impact Tester is used for conducting an Izod impact test of plastics. It is popularly used in the leading industry involved in plastic manufacturing. The test evaluates the resistance of a plastic material against sudden impact with specified force and weight. The test instrument complies with ASTM D256–10, ASTM D618–13, ASTM D883–12, ASTM D1204–14, ASTM D1248–12, and ASTM E691–14 test standards.

It is capable of performing two mode tests–IZOD and Charpy. Uses a microprocessor-based program which precisely converts test forces into values. The test sample angle and the amount of impact energy absorbed are displayed on a digital screen with LED light. Different fixtures for both tests which assure strong grip on the test specimen. The pendulum release uses electromagnetic forces.

Specification of a CHARPY Impact Tester-

Digital Izod Impact Tester has a capacity of simulating an impact of up to 21.68 Joules. Uses 150° angle for pendulum release. A motorized Notch Cutter is an optional accessory delivered on request. An inbuilt calibration feature is available for a precise Izod impact test of plastics.

We used an Impact test is used in studying the toughness of the material. A material’s toughness is a factor in its ability to absorb energy during plastic deformation. This sophisticated pendulum is controlled by a microprocessor that controls all the functions and the test protocols according to major international standards. The Digital impact tester and all its components have been designed and fitted to assure its reliability and long life.

The industry standards define two types of tests–IZOD and Izod Impact test. Both are responsible for the evaluation of plastic strength. However, the methods of the test have some differences in the angle of the specimen during the test. To know more, you may read–Difference between IZOD and Charpy Impact Testing.


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