Hair Transplant Treatment in Guwahati & Kolkata

Hair Transplant Treatment in Guwahati & Kolkata

Hair is viewed as a significant feature of character, and individuals around the world, despite age or orientation, are worried about their hair issues. As hair is connected with human style, concerns like hair diminishing, hair falling, and sparseness are turning into a worldwide issue of late. A few issues cause balding; most are way of life problems like ill-advised sustenance, stress, absence of rest, and so on. In any case, many individuals experience the ill effects of hair diminishing because of basic clinical issues like hereditary qualities and hormonal imbalance. While way of life problems can be controlled, clinical issues need legitimate conclusions and treatment. The best hair transplant clinic in Guwahati  & hair transplant in Kolkata is a breakthrough in cosmetic science that gives permanent solutions to all your hair-related concerns.

Hair transplantation is a well-known process everywhere. Already no one but big names could go through this treatment as it was costly and inaccessible in India. However, these exceptionally everyday citizens can embrace the cycle as most hair clinics in Kolkata are offering this help at an entirely reasonable rate. But as it is a clinical and complex process, Hair Loss treatment in Guwahati and hair transplantation in Kolkata should be done from a renowned clinic under the supervision of a certified medical practitioner to avoid any complications.

Hair loss treatments in Kolkata and hair transplant in Guwahati  are two sorts one is hair transplant, and one more is known as hair substitution. Hair relocate is costly and offers super durable outcomes, though hair substitution is brief and more affordable.

Cost of hair transplant in guwahati process might sound expensive, but it is quite cheaper in the long run. The on-surgical process requires extensive maintenance, and the result is not permanent.

Hair transplant therapy is a clinical treatment done in two distinct ways; one is known as Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT) and other one is Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). To consider one of the medicines that would be great for you requires a bunch of variables.


FUT Treatment

In this treatment, a piece of hair containing hair strategies is separated from the rear of the head, where the hair is for the most part thicker. The tissue bunches containing hair follicles are isolated and afterward ready for relocate.

A minuscule opening is made at the transfer site where the patient is encountering hair diminishing, and separated tissue is put at the site. FUT is a progressive strategy and has assisted a great many individuals with corrupting hairlines throughout the previous twenty years.

FUE Treatment

FUE Hair Transplant in Kolkata doesn’t need extricating a portion of skin. Rather, it straightforwardly extricates hair follicles from the benefactor site and transfers them to the necessary area. Individual hair follicles are straightforwardly removed from the scalp and infused into minute roundabout scars in the beneficiary site. FUE is an additional tedious strategy than FRT, yet rather than making a solitary scar, minute roundabout scars are made at the designated region.

The method and the aftercare are different on account of the two medicines, yet the two of them yield great outcomes. It is inevitable and cash to conclude which interaction suits you more. Presently let us view the advantages related with hair transportation.

Advantages Of Hair Transplants

A hair transplant is one of the smartest procedures that you can easily opt for if you are suffering from baldness or hair thinning issues. Although this is a medical procedure that offers numerous benefits, it also has disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some of its benefits.


  • Requires Minimum Downtime
  • Offers Natural Regrowth Of Hair
  • It Is a Pain-Free Process
  • The Process Is Scar Free
  • Cost Saving Process

Disadvantages Of Hair Transplant

  • Requires a Long Time To Complete
  • Offers No Guarantee To Genetic Hair Loss
  • Risk Factors



A hair transplant yields great benefits and will boost your confidence if performed by a good surgeon. If you are willing to know more, you can contact us for more details.


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