H12-711_V4.0 Exam Questions – HCIA-Security V4.0 Torrent Prep & H12-711_V4.0 Test Guide

H12-711_V4.0 Exam Questions – HCIA-Security V4.0 Torrent Prep & H12-711_V4.0 Test Guide

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Huawei H12-711_V4.0 (HCIA-Security V4.0) Exam is a certification exam that is designed to test an individual’s knowledge and skills in the field of network security. H12-711_V4.0 exam is the fourth version of the HCIA-Security certification exam, which is offered by Huawei, one of the leading providers of network and telecommunications equipment in the world. H12-711_V4.0 exam is intended for IT professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in network security or for those who are already working in this field and want to validate their skills and knowledge.

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Huawei HCIA-Security V4.0 Sample Questions (Q22-Q27):

In the automatic backup mode of hot standby on the second machine, which of the following sessions is backed up?

  • A. UDP first packet session
  • B. TCP half-connection session
  • C. Self-session to the firewall
  • D. ICMP session

Answer: D

Which of the following descriptions about the heartbeat interface is wrong ( )?[Multiple choice]*

  • A. The connection method of the heartbeat interface can be directly connected, or it can be connected through a switch or router
  • B. MGMT interface (Gigabi tEtherneto/0/0) cannot be used as heartbeat interface
  • C. The interface MTU value is greater than 1500 and cannot be used as a heartbeat interface
  • D. It is recommended to configure at least two heartbeat interfaces. – One heartbeat interface is used as the master, and the other heartbeat interface is used as the backup.

Answer: C

Which of the following descriptions of single sign-on is correct?

  • A. The visitor sends the username and password that identifies his identity to the third-party authentication server, and after the authentication is passed, the third-party authentication server sends the visitor’s identity information to FW. F7 only records the identity information of the visitor and does not participate in the authentication process
  • B. The visitor recited the Portal authentication page and sent the username and password to FT to identify his/her identity, and the password was not stored on the FT, and the FI sent the username and password to the third-party authentication server, and the authentication process was carried out on the authentication server.
  • C. Visitors obtain the SMS verification code through the Portal authentication page, and then enter the SMS verification code to pass the authentication.
  • D. The visitor sends the username and password that identifies them to the FW through the portal authentication page, on which the password is stored and the verification process takes place on the FW.

Answer: A

DES is a stream encryption algorithm, because the cipher capacity is only 56 bits, so it is not enough to deal with the weakness of insufficient security, and later 3DES was proposed.

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

Answer: B

Under normal circumstances, the Emai1 protocols we often talk about include ____, POP3, and SMTP.[fill in the blank]*

  • A. IMAE
  • B. IMAP

Answer: B


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