Free PDF Quiz NCP-EUC – Pass-Sure Nutanix Certified Professional – End – User Computing Test Vce

Free PDF Quiz NCP-EUC – Pass-Sure Nutanix Certified Professional – End – User Computing Test Vce

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The NCP-EUC Certification Exam is intended for IT professionals who are responsible for designing, deploying, and managing Nutanix EUC solutions. NCP-EUC exam tests candidates’ knowledge of Nutanix EUC solutions, including desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and user profile management. It also covers topics such as networking, storage, and security, as they relate to EUC solutions.

Nutanix NCP-EUC Exam is an online, proctored exam that can be taken from anywhere in the world. NCP-EUC exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within 90 minutes. NCP-EUC exam fee is $199 USD, and candidates who pass the exam will receive a Nutanix Certified Professional – End – User Computing (NCP-EUC) certification. Nutanix Certified Professional – End – User Computing certification is valid for two years, after which candidates must retake the exam to maintain their certification.

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Pass Guaranteed Quiz NCP-EUC – Pass-Sure Nutanix Certified Professional – End – User Computing Test Vce

Using the NCP-EUC study materials, you will find that you can grasp the knowledge what you need in the exam in a short time. Because users only need to spend little hours on the NCP-EUC study materials, our learning materials will help users to learn all the difficulties of the test site, to help users pass the qualifying examination and obtain the qualification certificate. If you think that time is important to you, try our learning materials and it will save you a lot of time.

Nutanix Certified Professional – End – User Computing Sample Questions (Q63-Q68):

What should the administrator do to optimize the virtual desktop environment?

  • A. remove memory reservation.
  • B. Verify if VAAI plugin is running.
  • C. Set Host policy to Balanced.
  • D. Add more resources to the cluster,

Answer: B

one of the possible ways to optimize the virtual desktop environment is to verify if VAAI plugin is running. VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration) is a technology that enables VMware ESXi hosts to offload storage operations to Nutanix storage controllers. This can improve performance and efficiency of cloning, migrating, and snapshotting virtual machines234.

A company has deployed Horizon on a Nutanix cluster running the ESXi hypervisor. They are starting the configuration for the deployment of 1000 virtual desktops running Windows 10 in a Linked Clone Desktop Pool.
The company has these requirements:
* Reduced time for initial virtual desktop deployment
* Fast recompose time when updating the pool with patches and new application installs
* Provide a high level of availability to the pool
What should the company enable, that will allow this Nutanix VDI implementation to meet the stated requirements?

  • A. View Composer API for Array Integration
  • B. VM disk space reclamation
  • C. Separate datastores for replicas and clones
  • D. View Storage Accelerator

Answer: A

View Composer API for Array Integration (VCAI) is a feature of VMware Horizon that leverages the native cloning abilities in the storage array to offload storage operations within a VMware View environment12. This feature allows customers to offload the creation of linked clones to the storage array3.

An administrator needs to deploy virtual desktops to a Hyper-V Nutanix cluster with writable differencing disks, The administrator will use read only master image with clones that link back to the image.
Which native feature will the cluster use to complete this task?

  • A. Compression
  • B. Shadow Clones
  • C. VM Flash Mode
  • D. Oplog

Answer: B

The feature in Nutanix that would be used to complete the task of deploying virtual desktops to a Hyper-V Nutanix cluster with writable differencing disks using a read-only master image with clones that link back to the image is Shadow Clones. Shadow Clones allow for the creation of a snapshot or a clone of a VM that uses the original VM’s disks as read-only, and only writes changes to a separate differencing disk. This is useful when deploying virtual desktops as it can reduce storage requirements and improve performance.
Nutanix shadow clones are a feature that enables distributed caching of virtual disks (vDisks) that are in a multi-reader scenario. This can improve performance and reduce network traffic for scenarios such as VDI or private clone boot storms1

When creating a Frame account, which two are valid Network Type options? (Choose two.)

  • A. Private Network
  • B. Private Network with VPN
  • C. Express Route
  • D. Public Network

Answer: B,D

The Public Network option provides access to the Frame environment over the public internet, while the Private Network with VPN option allows for a secure connection to the Frame environment over a private network using a VPN.

Refer the exhibit

An administrator is getting complaints from users regarding virtual desktop performance. The user base is a mixture of task workers, knowledge workers, and power users. The administrator suspects there are user Virtual desktops that are consuming resources and are starving the other virtual desktops from performing adequately.
How many virtual desktops are contributing to this issue?

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 3

Answer: A

The CPU usage percentage indicates how much of the allocated CPU resources the virtual desktop is consuming.
A high CPU usage percentage means that the virtual desktop is using a lot of CPU resources, which can affect the performance of other virtual desktops on the same host or cluster.
According to Nutanix best practices, the recommended CPU usage percentage for virtual desktops is less than 80%.
VM-0001 (99%)
VM-0002 (98%)
VM-0003 (97%)
VM-0004 (96%)
VM-0005 (95%)
VM-0010 (85%)
VM-0016 (81%)
These virtual desktops are likely contributing to the performance issue by consuming too much CPU resources and starving other virtual desktops from performing adequately.


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