Free demo of the AWS-SysOps exam product

Free demo of the AWS-SysOps exam product

In today’s society, there are increasingly thousands of people put a priority to acquire certificates to enhance their abilities. With a total new perspective, AWS-SysOps study materials have been designed to serve most of the office workers who aim at getting an exam certification. Moreover, AWS-SysOps Exam Questions have been expanded capabilities through partnership with a network of reliable local companies in distribution, software and product referencing for a better development. That helping you pass the AWS-SysOps exam successfully has been given priority to our agenda.

As to this fateful exam that can help you or break you in some circumstances, our company made these AWS-SysOps practice materials with accountability. We understand you can have more chances being accepted by other places and getting higher salary or acceptance. Our AWS-SysOps Training Materials are made by our responsible company which means you can gain many other benefits as well. You can enjoy free updates of AWS-SysOps practice guide for one year after you pay for our AWS-SysOps training questions.

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About the AWS-SysOps exam certification, reliability can not be ignored. AWS-SysOps exam training materials of PassSureExam are specially designed. It can maximize the efficiency of your work. We are the best worldwide materials provider about this exam.

To become AWS-SysOps certified, candidates must pass a rigorous exam that tests their knowledge of AWS systems and best practices. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including AWS deployment and management, security and compliance, networking, and troubleshooting. The exam is designed to test the candidate’s ability to operate and manage AWS systems in a real-world environment.

Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Sample Questions (Q740-Q745):

The amount of data a company must back up has been increasing, and storage space is quickly running out.
There is no budget to purchase new backup software that is capable of backing up data directly to the cloud.
What is the MOST cost-effective way to make storage available to the company’s legacy backup system?

  • A. Use AWS Snowball on a weekly basis to transfer data to Amazon Glacier
  • B. Ship backup tapes to AWS for storage in secure AWS Availability Zones
  • C. Use AWS Storage Gateway to present a VTL using iSCSI to the legacy application
  • D. Launch an Amazon EC2 instance, add large Amazon EBS volumes, and connect using VPN

Answer: A

A user has created an ELB with Auto Scaling.
Which of the below mentioned offerings from ELB helps the user to stop sending new requests traffic from the load balancer to the EC2 instance when the instance is being deregistered while continuing in-flight requests?

  • A. ELB auto registration Off
  • B. ELB connection draining
  • C. ELB sticky session
  • D. ELB deregistration check

Answer: B

The Elastic Load Balancer connection draining feature causes the load balancer to stop sending new requests to the back-end instances when the instances are deregistering or become unhealthy, while ensuring that inflight requests continue to be served.

A sys admin is maintaining an application on AWS.
The application is installed on EC2 and user has configured ELB and Auto Scaling.
Considering future load increase, the user is planning to launch new servers proactively so that they get registered with ELB.
How can the user add these instances with Auto Scaling?

  • A. Increase the desired capacity of the Auto Scaling group
  • B. Decrease the minimum limit of the Auto Scaling grou
  • C. Increase the maximum limit of the Auto Scaling group
  • D. Launch an instance manually and register it with ELB on the fly

Answer: A

A user can increase the desired capacity of the Auto Scaling group and Auto Scaling will launch a new instance as per the new capacity. The newly launched instances will be registered with ELB if Auto Scaling group is configured with ELB. If the user decreases the minimum size the instances will be removed from Auto Scaling. Increasing the maximum size will not add instances but only set the maximum instance cap.

A user has created a VPC with two subnets: one public and one private. The user is planning to run the
patch update for the instances in the private subnet. How can the instances in the private subnet connect
to the internet?

  • A. The private subnet can never connect to the internet
  • B. Use the internet gateway with a private IP
  • C. Use NAT with an elastic IP
  • D. Allow outbound traffic in the security group for port 80 to allow internet updates

Answer: C

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a virtual network dedicated to the user’s AWS account. A user can create
a subnet with VPC and launch instances inside that subnet. If the user has created two subnets (one
private and one public), they would need a Network Address Translation (NAT) instance with the elastic
IP address. This enables the instances in the private subnet to send requests to the internet (for example,
to perform software updates).
Reference: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonVPC/latest/UserGuide/VPC_Scenario2.html

An organization’s security policy requires multiple copies of all critical data to be replicated across at least a
primary and backup data center. The organization has decided to store some critical data on Amazon S3.
Which option should you implement to ensure this requirement is met?

  • A. You do not need to implement anything since S3 data is automatically replicated between regions
  • B. You do not need to implement anything since S3 data is automatically replicated between multiple facilities
    within an AWS Region
  • C. Use the S3 copy API to replicate data between two S3 buckets in different regions
  • D. Use the S3 copy API to replicate data between two S3 buckets in different facilities within an AWS Region

Answer: B

You specify a region when you create your Amazon S3 bucket. Within that region, your objects are redundantly
stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities. Please refer to Regional Products and Services for details
of Amazon S3 service availability by region.


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