Five Businesses That Business Phone Systems Can Help

Five Businesses That Business Phone Systems Can Help

The twenty-first century is here. Accept it or not, traditional phone lines are no longer in use. The emergence of cutting-edge technology like cloud computing has completely changed how businesses communicate. 

Modern cloud-based corporate phone systems are the favored option for practically every industry due to improved call quality, cheaper operational costs, and access to incredible communication options. To substantiate this claim, we have compiled the following recent data and stats to help you get business phone service

  • Cloud phone systems are the most urgent investment priority for 74% of businesses.
  • 65% of customers say they prefer to call companies on their phones.
  • Cloud telephone systems can reduce launch capital expenditures by 90%. 
  • From 2020 to 2025, the market for cloud-based telephones is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 12%.

Any business or organization that relies on phone calls for internal and external communication can greatly benefit from cloud business phone system advantages. Let’s examine the advantages of cloud-based business phone systems for organizations in various industry sectors. 

Customer Service Industry

Customer service centers, often called call centers, primarily focus on answering client calls, addressing their questions and problems, and offering tailored answers. Landline telephone lines dominated this sector for a long time, but cloud contact centers are now the hottest trend. Companies involved in this sector can profit from using cloud phone technology by: 

Reduced operating costs because setting up a cloud doesn’t need spending money on installing hardware.

Reducing call hold times by intelligently directing consumer calls to the appropriate personnel.

Get call information through call recording to assess employee performance and the level of customer service provided.


The key to hospitality is experience. Industry experts say customers should receive the best services possible to ensure a memorable experience. What capabilities do cloud phone systems have to help those in the hospitality industry? So here’s the response:

The Auto Attendant or Interactive Voice Response welcomes customers and even responds to their basic questions, giving them the impression that the company is professional.

Callers are kept interested during a call with personalized greetings or music.

Call records can be utilized to identify any offensive language or unprofessional conduct by customer service representatives.

Callers can connect straight to the most qualified agent by selecting an option from the IVR menu that best describes their issue.

Real Estate

Ensuring every customer call is returned when conducting business in real estate ownership, and rental is essential. Agents and consumers in this industry frequently have to repeat themselves on the phone. It is crucial to have a specialized phone answering machine that provides high uptime, dependability, and efficiency. Cloud telephone systems successfully meet all of these needs. This is how:

Real estate agents can enjoy peace of mind and concentrate on other crucial duties because of auto-attendants and voicemail, ensuring that every call is answered.

Because they come with local area codes, virtual phone numbers provided by cloud phone services can aid realtors in more successfully targeting particular locations.

Cloud phone systems make it simple to call mobile phones on the go using a web browser or mobile app.

Cloud phone systems provide uninterrupted, high-quality calls essential for effective customer communication. 


Medical professionals perform extremely important work, and they frequently get a lot of calls from patients asking about appointments, having questions answered, and other things. The benefits of a cloud business phone system can be quite useful for managing workflow effectively.

Intelligent call routing makes it simple to control patient call overload since calls are routed to the appropriate agents without human receptionist participation.

The cloud phone system’s automatic call routing to a live agent considerably enhances the possibility that emergency calls will be answered immediately.

Voicemail can be used to retain caller messages that can be returned later when the medical staff is unavailable due to holidays, non-operational hours, or other circumstances.

IVR can provide broad medical information, lessening the doctors’ burden.


Although many individuals enjoy shopping online these days, calling is still the preferred way to obtain answers to questions and issues—for instance, any question concerning the shipment of goods or orders. Therefore, phone calls still play a significant role in the e-commerce industry.

Cloud phone systems’ click-to-call buttons can be quite valuable because they allow clients to contact a company by phone directly from the website.

Businesses can appear more local to clients by using DID or business phone numbers, increasing their chances of conversion or sales.

Call Reports can be helpful in call data analysis and making knowledgeable business decisions.

Other businesses can profit from cloud business phone systems in a number of ways. The moment is now to migrate your company phone to the cloud and start benefiting before it’s too late.


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