Extract Attachments from OST files without Microsoft Outlook

Extract Attachments from OST files without Microsoft Outlook

The ability to extract attachments from OST files is a common user request. This article will assist you with removing attachments from the Outlook OST data file if you find yourself in a similar circumstance.

However, before we continue with this essay, let’s explore the OST file and the complexity that some people are attempting to understand.


Offline Powerful Spreadsheet, or OST, is a product of Microsoft Outlook. Users can work while Internet connectivity is down with this file, and when connectivity is restored, all offline data is synchronized with the Exchange server. The OST file stores a variety of Outlook data, like email, contacts, tasks, calendars, and much more.

Learn how to extract attachments from OST files in the next articles.

Extract the attachments by manually from OST files.

Users can use any of these methods to manually remove attachments from OST files:

Method 1: Use the Export Function Follow Method

  • The OST file’s data can be extracted using Outlook’s export options.
  • Microsoft Outlook is run by it.
  • Choose Export to file from the File menu.
  • The drop-down menu, select Personal File Folder (PST).
  • Just choose the data from the PST file at this point.
  • Click Finish after going to the location where you need to export your emails.

Method 2: By using the directions in the OST file to extract the emails or data,

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer system.
  2. Using the menu bar, select File > Archive.
  3. Choose the emails from your inbox that you want to export.
  4. Choose a location to save your mail.
  5. Additionally, archiving is finished in a short period of time.

Method 3: Making Emails with Drag and Drop

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and access your email profile.
  2. From the mail folder, pick the message you want to retrieve. The Shift key can be held down to select multiple emails.
  3. Drag and drop the selected email to your desktop or the folder you made to save the extracted email after choosing it.
  4. When done, Microsoft Outlook or another EML viewer application can be used to view and read the individual EML files are created from the selected email files.

The user must use these techniques in order to remove the attachments from their OST files. Additionally, customers that utilize any of these manual techniques do so under a lot of limitations. The constraints that a user has when using the manual method of extraction are covered in the next section.

Limitations of the manual process

the manual method of extracting the OST files has the following limitations:

  1. Data loss is more probable
  2. No quick result is given.
  3. There isn’t a direct way to extract OST files.
  4. Novice users have difficulties using the manual technique.

As a result, a user will be able to select a reliable method for OST file extraction. Let’s now look at a simple way to extract OST files.

A sophisticated Solution

Users can make use of this OST Extractor application to Extract Attachments from OST files. For all users, this program is a having to complete utility. Obstacles are not tools. Users are not required to deal with any problems when transferring files to any of the mentioned formats. The software is a type of tool that speeds up the extraction of all the user’s OST files with only one click, saving the user time. Even if the user chooses and extracts a huge number of OST files, the extraction always takes a few minutes. Users can use this basic explanation without any technical assistance. With the help of this excellent program, even beginners can extract.

The user has asked the application to extract files. All users of the app can utilize it. Users have the option of choosing one or more OST files for extraction. The software therefore automatically extracts files in the user’s preferred manner. All OST files will be promptly extracted by this smart utility.

The Expert Approach

To effectively extract OST files using the Outlook Attachment Extractor program, a user must follow the directions provided below;

  • Download the Extract Attachments from OST Files Software in your Windows OS
  • Install the app and Add the Outlook OST files
  • Add outlook OST files and select the file mode & folder mode
  • Preview the files
  • Choose the extract type option
  • Search the location for saving the extracted OST files
  • At last, click on the “Process Now” button

Any user can easily complete these tasks without encountering any difficulties. These methods are simple and effective for users to follow. The app also offers accurate screenshots of these steps.


Details of the app

Here are some of the outstanding capabilities offered by this cutting-edge OST Extractor application. We should examine them;

Modify All Data File: – All OST files can be simply extracted by users into the format of their choice. This feature is provided by the Outlook Extractor program so that users can save a ton of time. With the help of this amazing program, you can quickly and effectively extract OST files in bulk to any format.

Express: – Each OST file is extracted using Express. The user experiences no difficulties because the software doesn’t squander time when the user modifies the Outlook file’s view.

Tool for Windows Compatibility: – Users can utilize the OST Extractor utility with any Windows operating system thanks to its excellent compatibility. When extracting OST files, the application runs without any difficulties. For new Windows users, it can extract OST files from older versions.

Accuracy Update: – This excellent utility helps maintain the accuracy of Outlook files. Users cannot experience any issues when extracting OST files. Users won’t notice any data loss or corruption while the data is being extracted.

Submit Preview: – The user-selected OST files will all be displayed by this Extract Attachments from OST Files. Additionally, the software has an automatic scanning tool that will get rid of any corrupted files.

Revert: – Throughout the extraction procedure, the original OST file is kept untouched. With the help of this fantastic OST extraction program, your files will be kept secure.

Final Words

Users can find information about the extraction of the OST files on the blog. To Extract Attachments from OST Files, a user can utilize any of the methods outlined above. Additionally, consumers are free to choose any technique they like.


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