Expert Tips For Planning Your Perfect Road Trip

Expert Tips For Planning Your Perfect Road Trip

Almost every child has memories connected with a family or school trip to some exciting places. Now, when childhood is back, you could organize your own journey, a whole adventure, where you’re not obliged to follow, but to move forward! Using a 7-passenger car rental will help you to travel at your own pace, and will give you a lot of space for friends or family. There’s a vast range to choose from SUVs, and MPVs to pickups and vans.

“Ok, but what about planning and things like that?”, you would ask. Let’s get started!

1. Specify the budget 

First of all, you have to determine how much money you may allow to set aside for one or another part of your trip and in general. Anticipate the costs of hotel accommodation, fuel, the car rental for 7 people(or less), nutrition, and entertainment. Expect also sudden spending including emergency cases. Make your indicative costs visible by putting them on paper. Remember, that being smart with the savings is one of the main conditions of unspoiled impressions and aftertaste without regrets. Read more about ways to cut your expenses here.

2. Book in advance

In order not to thrash about at the last moment looking for a free hotel room to stay in or tickets for the festival you wanted so bad, – just book BEFOREHAND! This is a simple truth, but still, there are many people who manage to neglect it or just forget it! Can you imagine? On the off chance, check whether the dates fit with the dates you need. If you’re going to stay a few days and more, explore the future accommodation carefully to settle in a proper one. How to not go wrong with picking a hostel: 12 tips.

3. Prepare for emergencies

A danger foreseen is a danger avoided. Take a first aid kit, check your insurance policy or get the new one. Carry a spare tire to change a flat one at any time. A tool kit is also could be useful. Make a revision of the vehicle’s state overall to ensure things will go smooth. Don’t forget to charge the power banks and other gadgets you need.

4. Ask friends to join you

A trip is always funnier in good company. Think with whom your trip would be even more pleasurable, and who can easily ruin it. Especially, if it’s a journey, which is more stressful because of the long distance. It’s a perfect option if there is someone who can replace you behind the wheel when you feel tired. The alternating control of the vehicle would prevent the driver from fatigue and thus reduce the possibility of dangerous accidents. 

5. Take care of the leisure facilities

While you’re on the way with others it might seem easy peasy not to be bored. In fact, usual chatting or scrolling the news on the phone bothers after a few hours. To diversify the variants of what-to-do you can:

  • Make an awesome playlist;

Use your favorite songs, playlists, or albums! Try to pick different genres, including relaxing ones. Good music makes time fly faster and the views a little more vivid.

  • Download a film or an audiobook

Yes, all that films you’ve been putting off. 

  • Play games

Classic word games such as 17 Questions, iSpy, and Alphabet games are good enough to spend time fun.

  • Listen to podcasts

A tremendous variety of topics for everyone. Language learning, history, or beauty topics, you’ll find yours!

  • Try to meditate or sleep.

Recreation is still necessary.

6. Pack food and drinks

Be sure to grab enough food and drink not to stay hungry or thirsty. Take not perishable food enriched with calories like cookies, chocolate, chips, and sweets. Stay hydrated. It helps especially when you travel a long distance. Try not to overeat before and during the ride. Refrain yourself from fat, fried meals to certainly feel good.

7.  Decide what you want to see

Whether you’re going with your family or friends, a coherent trip demands group discussion. Try to include everyone’s wishes if possible. Then figure out possible routes and choose the best one. Always have a plan B. Use Google Maps services to see only the actual information while getting the directions.

8. Examine the local dos and don’ts

When you come to other communities it’s required to stick to the same rules. In that way, you show your respect and stay out of trouble as well. Spend a little time checking whether smoking is allowed. Can you bring your pet or food? Is that place family-friendly? Avoiding unnecessary problems can’t be easier.

9. Check the weather forecast

Although it may seem obvious, we remind you about it. Knowing the indicative weather conditions would allow you to get ready. Umbrellas, raincoats, or warm clothing wouldn’t take much space but could help you out. When it’s cold or chilly, a 7-seater vehicle with heated seats is an ideal option, isn’t it?

10. Make stops

Stop from time to time not just to use the restroom. This creates a good opportunity to view the local attractions while stretching the legs. It really can be anything: from a historical spot to a well-located cafe with picturesque panoramas. Stops made at the right time would vary the way and make it light. Rent a 7-passenger car and be sure – you’ll have a tremendous amount of space for a comfortable road.

11. Covid restrictions

Be aware of some restrictions due to the pandemic. Here is some advice:

  • Get vaccinated. That would slim your chances to get sick almost to none. Moreover, thus you’ll provide security for people around you.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Avoid touching objects such as handrails, elevator buttons, and kiosks.
  • Wear a face covering, respirator or mask.
  • Use sanitizer to clean hands and surfaces. Notice, it’s dangerous to touch your face with dirty hands!

Those were our considerations. Use them and remember, your trip – your rules!


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