Exercise intensity to improve your health

Exercise intensity to improve your health

High-intensity gym workouts are like hard work at work. However, to ensure the body’s safety, it is necessary to measure the strength of the gym to determine the appropriate level.

  1. Choose the right exercise intensity

According to medical research, there are two groups to choose from for high-intensity gym workouts.


Aerobic exercise per week is considered the average level achievable with high-intensity exercise combined with light exercise. However, if you opt for high-intensity exercises such as running or dancing, cut the time in half to avoid overdosing.

You can combine soft to hard workouts as your health improves the intensity of your workouts by up to 300 minutes per week. You don’t need to increase it immediately, but if you increase it gradually, you will get used to it and feel your health improve.

Strength training

Endurance is a destination for most athletes. You will also need to increase the intensity of your workouts to achieve this criterion. As a result, the body has good strength to fight disease.

Resistance training focuses primarily on muscle movement, so you can gradually increase it by choosing a weight based on your strength. You can also replace weights with other gravity exercises such as climbing, planks, and push-ups. Do 12 to 15 beats each time to fatigue the muscles and gradually increase them to strengthen the muscles.

You need a long-term plan to do this. If you choose to do high-intensity gym workouts rather than shortening distances to reach your weight loss goals quickly, you can avoid the unfortunate risk by talking to your doctor. Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 60 to improve men’s health.

  1. What is high-intensity exercise?

When performing an aerobic exercise such as walking or biking, exercise intensity is evaluated according to mobility. There are two basic methods you can refer to for measuring your workout intensity.

Feel the intensity of exercise

Awareness of athletic endurance is an objective way to assess whether exercise is good. Or high-intensity gym workouts. High intensity is proportional to how high you try and vice versa. It’s the same exercise, but the two will feel different.

Heart rate reflects exercise intensity.

Heartbeat is an objective way to measure gym strength. When you exercise, your heart rate tends to beat faster.

  1. Measure the intensity of your gym workout with your emotions

Here are the perceived exercise intensity ratings for your reference.

Moderate exercise intensity

At a moderate level, you should feel your breathing start to become faster than usual, but no shortness of breath. After 10 minutes of exercise, your body will sweat, and you will still be able to speak but will have a hard time singing. Vidalista 20Cenforce 200Aurogra 100Fildena 100Super p force can help improve physical health.

high-intensity gym

Take a deep breath, breathe quickly, and tend to sweat for a few minutes after exercise. At this point, you can live without wanting to say anything.

very high strength

This is a level of overload that requires a very high level of self-effort. You will experience shortness of breath, pain, and difficulty moving. In this case, continuation or reduction should be considered to ensure the safety of the body.

  1. Assess your gym strength through heart rate

Your exercise intensity heart rate is compared to your heart rate when your body is at rest. During strenuous exercise, you can see the upper limit of your heart rate.

First, you need to determine your peak heart rate to perform an exercise intensity assessment. If your workout rate is between 50-70% of your maximum heart rate, you’re getting moderate exercise.

If you’re doing high-intensity exercise, getting the right amount of time to rest can help your heart sleep and regulate your heart rate, preventing stress, fatigue, and health risks.

Before making a decision, you should consult a professional for high-intensity gym exercise and a preliminary assessment of your current health status.


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