Everything you wanted to Know about high barrier films

Everything you wanted to Know about high barrier films

You are in the right place to know all about the best high barrier films. You may have a packaging company or work in one to know about polyester films that protect your goods from external elements. There are many forms of PET or polyester films for packaging food, beverages, chemicals, nutraceutical products, etc. Thick polyester film have 200 to 1000 gauge with 50 to 250 microns useful for packaging and industrial purposes. 


Check out high barrier film and their many benefits for packaging products to protect them from water, light, oxygen, and other harmful elements that could cause damage. 


What are high-barrier films?

The digitalization and globalization of the business world have increased practical packaging needs for many products to reach the nook and corner of the world. Also, it should safeguard the products, either perishable food and beverages or medicines and others, without any damage from external elements. COVID-19 also has increased the awareness among people of eating hygienic food and beverages to be healthy. In these circumstances, PET or thick polyester film became famous worldwide for providing perfect packaging solutions. High barrier films are more than single-layer barrier films; to be a blend of two polyethylenes of high density and nucleating agents.


Benefits of the high barrier films

With the importance of barrier films increasing worldwide, its market size is growing at a CAGR of 5.9% to reach over 30 billion dollars by 2030. It is because of its many benefits, from preserving food to increasing the shelf life of many products. The following are the few benefits of high barrier films, among others. 


  • Available in many types from P.E., BOPET, BOPP, Nylon, EVOH, and CPP, among others, for providing specific packaging solutions
  • Made using advanced technologies go beyond protecting food and beverages to medicines, chemicals and others
  • Increases the shelf life of the products without losing their nutritional and other values to increase sales and profits
  • Keeps the odour and taste of foods like coffee and others intact to not lose their uniqueness even after a long time.

The above facts and benefits of the high barrier films will help you buy them from JPFL Films, which is part of the over 60 years two-billion-dollar worth B.C. Jindal Group.


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