Everything You Need to Know About What the CBSE International Schools in Pune Have to Offer

Everything You Need to Know About What the CBSE International Schools in Pune Have to Offer

Education is one of the most important pillars of civic life in Pune. Pune has significance as a world-class city which accounts for its healthy population. Due to their kinder entrance requirements, international schools in Pune are favoured by parents from many ethnicities. As a result, Pune is now home to a large number of foreign schools, each of which offers a range of services to meet the needs of different students. Most of Pune’s foreign schools provide a variety of academic curricula. The most popular option is still the CBSE curriculum. Let’s examine some of the facilities offered to students in elementary school to high school by these CBSE schools in Pune.

Top Qualities of CBSE International Schools in Pune


  1. Primary Languages Instructed in Pune CBSE Schools

The use of two or more languages is a topic that is covered in many of the schools in Pune. Students benefit from learning new languages, which is even more important in this day of global connection. Thus, multilingual classes have been included in the curricula of the new institutions.

  1. Pune’s International School’s Award Scholarships

International schools in Pune have recently started awarding scholarships to students in grades 1 through 12. These schools are awarding scholarships to worthy students based on their academic and extracurricular accomplishments, which is a welcome departure from conventional practices.

  1. Playful Environment

The vast majority of international schools in Pune are likewise concentrating on creating outstanding preschools for kids between the ages of 3 and 6. attempting to create a setting where young children can learn new things while being near nature.  Along with the libraries, there are play areas and engaging classrooms that support the children’s foundational learning.

  1. Classrooms with Advanced Technology

Education must keep up with the most recent technical developments in the digital world. Pune’s international schools have incorporated technology into their regular lessons. Smart campuses are a part of the curricula of the CBSE international schools in Pune. The school’s classrooms are equipped with tablet computers and television panels allowing students to learn visually.

  1. Worldwide Connectivity

The connectivity and opportunities that kids receive as a result of technology integration in the classroom come next. In the international schools in Pune, students have access to high-speed internet and smart devices that allow them to communicate with classmates from across the world after class. This makes information and idea sharing easier and increases the viability of projects that are scattered over several continents. The pupils benefit from learning about other countries and cultures through such long-distance ventures.

  1. Small Classes & Outstanding Faculty

Smaller class sizes have been standard practice in new international schools in Pune to strengthen the concept of individualised instruction. To give each kid individualised care and attention, a small group of students are assigned to one teacher.

  1. Reasonable Fees & Discounts & Fee Waivers

In the past, parents in Pune have found CBSE schools in Pune to be rather expensive. The standard has been high fees. However, some international schools in Pune have significantly reduced their tuition costs to make attending an international school accessible to more people.

  1. A Multicultural Group of Students

Pune is a very multicultural city, thus many kids from other countries apply to schools that guarantee a diverse and inclusive learning environment. This promotes learning about and respect for people of all races, nationalities, and religions by exposing kids to many cultures.

  1. Campuses of the Best Quality

Many schools not only feature cutting-edge technology but also outstanding green campuses that are environmentally conscious. Students study environmental preservation and the value of nature in this setting. It moulds children into obedient, environmentally conscious citizens.


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