Evaluate The Strength Of Corrugated Boxes With Edge Crush Strength Tester

Evaluate The Strength Of Corrugated Boxes With Edge Crush Strength Tester

Corrugated fiberboard is a versatile packaging product which widely used in secondary and tertiary packaging sectors. We prove the versatility of these products due to the various factors that these boxes possesses like flexibility, lightweight, ease of conversion to any possible designs. These corrugated boxes are available in different varieties, constructed with various types of flutes for various applications. Besides the various types of factors, we consider Flute as the highly significant material that is responsible for detecting the Edge Crush Strength Test and Flat Crush Strength of the corrugated boxes. To enhance the strength of the corrugated boxes, various types of fluting papers are used. People in different production verticals usually demand the topmost quality of corrugated boxes. Hence, the manufacturer in the Packaging Industry must check the quality of the fluting papers that they used to design the corrugated boxes. This can be done with the help of high quality of the testing equipments.

Types of Edge Crush Tester to Measure the Strength of Corrugated Boxes

There are two types of test methods that are widely used in the packaging industry to measure the strength of the corrugated boxes and paper, i.e. Edge Crush Tester and Box Compression Tester. The standard test method which is used to verify the strength of corrugated boxes is the Edge Crush Strength Test that roughly handles the corrugated boxes and creates the situations that occur with the cartons and packaging material during transportation and storage. The test can be performed easily with the help of Edge Crush Tester. The testing device generates the forces and the pressures that can rupture the board. I directly related this to the determination of the ability to tolerate internal and external forces efficiently.

Edge Crush Test Calculator–Procedure

Edge Crush Test Calculator is a globally accepted testing method which is reliable enough to provide the best performance with highly accurate results. The test method helps to determine the stacking strength of the corrugated boxes. We calculate the edge crush strength of corrugated boxes by compressing a part of the board from its edges by placing it between two rigid plates until it reaches its peak load.

The edge crush test is the best test procedure that measures the cross-direction strength corrugated boxes. The instrument provides the best information regarding the strength of the corrugated boxes that can resist crushing. The instrument offers the accurate relation of the compression strength of the boxes from top to bottom. It is the best testing instrument which is used to measure the compression strength of the corrugated boxes.


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