7 Important Essay Writing Steps You Can’t Ignore

7 Important Essay Writing Steps You Can’t Ignore

When it comes to essay writing, students panic too much regarding making mistakes. More than 92% of the students take assistance from online essay writers. The internet has made daily tasks easy, but asking for too much assistance is affecting the skills and knowledge of students. 

They are becoming too dependent on online assignment help and other educational services. 

Learners are reaching out to them because they think that they will make errors that will affect the quality of the essay. 

Let’s discuss seven genuine tips writers can follow to produce a high-quality essay. 

1. Read the instructions – 

Most learners do not pay much attention to the work description. But it is an integral part of the essay. You must know the word count, topic, due date, and work description. 

How will you answer if you don’t know what the question is? First, review the instructions minutely before you start working on the essay. Then, determine the sources you need to include in the essay. 

Take your time and try to understand each and every line. Then, if you have trouble, reach out to your teacher or professor and ask for assistance. 

It is suggested to take notes of all the important instructions. Then, try to refer to the note while working on the essay. By this, you will easily be able to avoid making silly mistakes on paper. 

2. Create a List of Sources – 

To produce an A1 essay, you must take information and data from genuine sources. Therefore, after reading the work description, you need to sit and write down the names of legit sources from which you can take facts. 

Google Scholar, school library website, and peer-reviewed sources. Other than these, you can retrieve data from online books too. 

Creating a list of sources before starting your essay will make researching a bit easier. You will not have to search blindly for information or sources on the internet. If you follow this tip, you will be able to save a lot of time. 

3. Ideas for a Topic – 

It becomes difficult to write on a particular topic regarding which only a handful of information is available. Most learners make these mistakes. They select a topic without knowing the amount of data available. They get to know when almost half of the work is done. 

That is why it is always suggested to write down all the topics you have in mind. 

Then search each and every topic on the internet and review the number of facts available. Then, the topic regarding which most of the supporting details are available on the internet, choose that one. 

High chances are there that you will secure high grades in this way. Topic selection is important, and you always need to take your time. 

4. Write an Outline –

It is always better to make a plan first and then proceed. After finishing the third point, start writing notes on significant portions. An outline is the overview of all the topics and subtopics you are going to include in your essay. Writing outlines will help you to write paragraphs that flow nicely. 

While writing the outline, the burger method can also be followed. But, first, you will have to write an introduction outline, followed by the outline of the body and conclusion. 

5. A Great Introduction – 

Now that all the work is done and you are ready to start writing, begin with the introduction. Give a glance at the topic. Then, write why you have chosen this topic and the problem you will discuss. 

The main aim of an introduction is to get the reader’s attention. You can start by writing provocatively, but you must maintain an academic tone. Try to avoid writing long sentences. But yes, if you are confident that it will not confuse the readers, then go for it. 

6. Support the Information – 

Students need to support the information with relevant citations. Always retrieve data from peer-reviewed websites, articles from genuine online databases, books, news articles, university websites, and accredited writer’s websites. Note: do not cite Wikipedia, blogs, and articles by anonymous authors. The website’s legitimacy can be determined if you have a quick look. 

7. Editing and Proofreading – 

You may have made several mistakes while writing, so you must edit and proofread your essay before submitting it. First, go through each and every line and check for errors. Then, be patient and do not rush at all. 

To make the editing process easy, you can use Grammarly. This tool will suggest unique words and replace long sentences with short ones. You may ask for assistance from online editors if you are an amateur. 


You may follow these seven points to write a high-quality essay. Don’t reach out to online essay writing services and ask for assistance. Solutions provided by essay experts will help you to secure high grades. But, taking frequent online help will make you dependable. 

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