Escape Room Themes: All Beginnings Are Bloody Simple

Escape Room Themes: All Beginnings Are Bloody Simple

Escape Room Themes: All Beginnings Are Bloody Simple 


Imagine you are the Chief Inspector of police hot on the trail of a serial killer in one game, and an archaeologist excavating the ruins of a pyramid in another! The worldwide craze around escape rooms has led to the birth of several unique and authentic games designed on realistic themes.  


It is easy to get overwhelmed as you pick the right theme for your escape room venture. So, to guide you in the process of selecting the best theme for your escape room business, we are here for you! Check out these few amazing and intriguing theme recommendations that we have lined up: 


  1. Movie-themed escape game 


Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/11/24/10/43/ticket-2974645__480.jpg 

Designing an escape game based on movies can be quite exciting! The basic plot can be such that the players have to finish producing and filming a movie within a stipulated time. But, wait! There’s more challenge to it.  


Players must complete the entire shot before the production house shuts down. They must choose a particular genre of their choice to base their film on. Following that, your team must divide themselves based on the different roles that they will perform. Once this is done, you all must get going fast and finish the task in time!  



  1. Gangster-themed escape game 

Make your players invade the world of the Goodfellas! Designing your escape game based on the gangsters of Italy can surely be as exciting as it sounds. You can divide the entire game room into certain sections, and provide players with a thrilling gangster chase! 


Each section of the room can be realistically designed to portray gangster-like cars of different periods. Players can be made to jump from one car to another, and with changing vehicles, the scene outside will change accordingly. Cops and angry locals can be used to give the air of a thrilling chase to the players.  


You can even use big TV screens as windows to give players a view of the outside scenery. They can show how day changes to night as the thrill of the chase goes on! 



  1. Jungle and Wild-themed escape game 

Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/11/14/04/45/elephant-1822636__480.jpg 

Yet another exciting way to design your own escape game is to design it based on the theme of the jungle. Groups of players can be transported to the jungles of the Amazon where they find poachers trying to capture some of the rarest species of animals. You can discover clues and puzzles from hidden vines or climbers in the depths of the jungle!  


Players must make their way across the dangling vines and poisonous plants growing around them. They must cautiously make it through the slippery snakes that might snap at them at any moment. Players need to reach the animal sanctuary before any of the poachers do, without fail to win the game!  


You can pick diverse audio effects like the occasional calls of a wild bird or the screech of an animal to make the experience authentic and realistic.  


  1. Mystery-themed escape game 

Drop out of designing escape games based on stereotypical themes and storylines. Instead, roll out our game plot from your common everyday kitchen. But wait there’s so much more in this common escape room!  


Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2019/10/09/13/10/halloween-4537430__480.jpg 

Players need to search for clues inside the kitchen and solve them. As they solve each of the riddles and puzzles, they will find how each one leads to something unexpected! You will discover how each part of the kitchen slowly seems to change into something different. The room gradually will turn into a spaceship, as players continue to unravel the clues. 


By the end of an entire hour, players will blast off away from the earth to escape the imminent doom that will destroy mankind!  



  1. Horror-themed escape game 

Horror-themed escape games are one of the most loved genres of escape games. But you can combine horror and comedy in designing your escape game to give it a unique twist!  


Players step their feet inside zombie-filled wedding reception. All around them are stale food, and blood remains spattered across the floor.  Spooky music plays in the backdrop to make the experience realistic for players. The aim of the game is simple. Make your way out of this disastrous wedding reception as soon as you can by solving the riddles and clues hidden around.  


Designed with creativity and innovation this horror-themed escape room can give players an immensely authentic experience!  



  1. Vegas-themed escape game 

In this escape game, you will offer players the experience of being in the glamorous city of Las Vegas. Your escape game will outpour the authenticity of Vegas by giving the feel of the glamorous casinos, where they may try their hands at poker! As players engage in a night filled with gambling at the casinos and drinking their booze, something happens…. 


Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/11/21/17/34/las-vegas-1846684__340.jpg 


Someone gets killed in the casino, and a murder mystery unfolds before the players. Now the players are a group of investigators who take up the case. With that, a plain night at the casino turns out to unravel a murder mystery! 


So, these are a few exciting and immersive escape room theme ideas that you can utilize in designing and curating your escape room venture. Now, get going and sit down to design, plan and execute the next best escape room game! 


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