DP-100 Testking Exam Questions | Free DP-100 Download

DP-100 Testking Exam Questions | Free DP-100 Download

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Step 3: Taking Online Learning Paths

In addition, Microsoft recommends that the candidates for the DP-100 exam take online courses to adequately prepare for their test. You can find the following learning paths on the official certification webpage:

  • Create Machine Learning Models
  • Build AI Solutions with Azure Machine Learning
  • Create No-Code Predictive Models with Azure Machine Learning

>> DP-100 Testking Exam Questions <<

Free DP-100 Download & DP-100 Exam Experience

DP-100 exam and they all got help from real and updated Microsoft DP-100 exam questions. You can also be the next successful candidate for the DP-100 certification exam. No doubt the Microsoft DP-100 Certification Exam is one of the most difficult Microsoft certification exams in the modern Microsoft world. This DP-100 exam always gives a tough time to their candidates.

Microsoft Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure Sample Questions (Q38-Q43):

You are a data scientist creating a linear regression model.
You need to determine how closely the data fits the regression line.
Which metric should you review?

  • A. Precision
  • B. Coefficient of determination
  • C. Root Mean Square Error
  • D. Recall
  • E. Mean absolute error

Answer: E

Topic 2, Case Study 1
You are a data scientist in a company that provides data science for professional sporting events. Models will be global and local market data to meet the following business goals:
*Understand sentiment of mobile device users at sporting events based on audio from crowd reactions.
*Access a user’s tendency to respond to an advertisement.
*Customize styles of ads served on mobile devices.
*Use video to detect penalty events.
Current environment
* Media used for penalty event detection will be provided by consumer devices. Media may include images and videos captured during the sporting event and snared using social media. The images and videos will have varying sizes and formats.
* The data available for model building comprises of seven years of sporting event media. The sporting event media includes: recorded videos, transcripts of radio commentary, and logs from related social media feeds feeds captured during the sporting events.
*Crowd sentiment will include audio recordings submitted by event attendees in both mono and stereo Formats.
* Ad response models must be trained at the beginning of each event and applied during the sporting event.
* Market segmentation nxxlels must optimize for similar ad resporr.r history.
* Sampling must guarantee mutual and collective exclusivity local and global segmentation models that share the same features.
* Local market segmentation models will be applied before determining a user’s propensity to respond to an advertisement.
* Data scientists must be able to detect model degradation and decay.
* Ad response models must support non linear boundaries features.
* The ad propensity model uses a cut threshold is 0.45 and retrains occur if weighted Kappa deviates from 0.1
* The ad propensity model uses cost factors shown in the following diagram:

Penalty detection and sentiment
*Data scientists must build an intelligent solution by using multiple machine learning models for penalty event detection.
*Data scientists must build notebooks in a local environment using automatic feature engineering and model building in machine learning pipelines.
*Notebooks must be deployed to retrain by using Spark instances with dynamic worker allocation
*Notebooks must execute with the same code on new Spark instances to recode only the source of the data.
*Global penalty detection models must be trained by using dynamic runtime graph computation during training.
*Local penalty detection models must be written by using BrainScript.
* Experiments for local crowd sentiment models must combine local penalty detection data.
* Crowd sentiment models must identify known sounds such as cheers and known catch phrases. Individual crowd sentiment models will detect similar sounds.
* All shared features for local models are continuous variables.
* Shared features must use double precision. Subsequent layers must have aggregate running mean and standard deviation metrics Available.
During the initial weeks in production, the following was observed:
*Ad response rates declined.
*Drops were not consistent across ad styles.
*The distribution of features across training and production data are not consistent.
Analysis shows that of the 100 numeric features on user location and behavior, the 47 features that come from location sources are being used as raw features. A suggested experiment to remedy the bias and variance issue is to engineer 10 linearly uncorrected features.
Penalty detection and sentiment
*Initial data discovery shows a wide range of densities of target states in training data used for crowd sentiment models.
*All penalty detection models show inference phases using a Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD) are running too stow.
*Audio samples show that the length of a catch phrase varies between 25%-47%, depending on region.
*The performance of the global penalty detection models show lower variance but higher bias when comparing training and validation sets. Before implementing any feature changes, you must confirm the bias and variance using all training and validation cases.

You need to build a feature extraction strategy for the local models.
How should you complete the code segment? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



You use Azure Machine Learning Studio to build a machine learning experiment.
You need to divide data into two distinct datasets.
Which module should you use?

  • A. Partition and Sample
  • B. Test Hypothesis Using t-Test
  • C. Assign Data to Clusters
  • D. Group Data into Bins

Answer: A

Partition and Sample with the Stratified split option outputs multiple datasets, partitioned using the rules you specified.

You have an Azure Machine Learning workspace that contains a training cluster and an inference cluster.
You plan to create a classification model by using the Azure Machine Learning designer.
You need to ensure that client applications can submit data as HTTP requests and receive predictions as responses.
Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.



You are using a Git repository to track work in an Azure Machine Learning workspace.
You need to authenticate a Git account by using SSH.
Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.



1 – Generating a public/private key pair
2 – Add the public key to the Git Account
3 – Clone the Git repository by using an SSH repository URL


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