Denver Car Trip: Where to Go and What to See?

Denver Car Trip: Where to Go and What to See?

Surrounded on all sides by high mountains and picturesque plateaus, amazing Denver is located in the center of North America. It emerged in the middle of the 19th century as a mining settlement at the peak of the Gold Rush, with everything needed for immigrants – saloons, markets and small casinos. Today it’s one of the major industrial centers of the United States, and also just a great place to travel. 

If you dream of an unforgettable vacation in the background of the Rocky Mountains, head to Denver. Of course, you will need a car to move freely around the area. You can pick up Sixt car rental Denver right after you arrive at the local airport in order to guarantee a successful trip. 

Below you will find some important tips on when to plan your trip and which places to visit. Keep reading!

When to Go to Denver?

Denver in Colorado is filled with travelers all year round, but the main stream arrives there in summer and winter. This is because of the peculiarities of the Denver climate and the proximity of the mountains.

Summer is characterized by comfortable weather and temperatures of about +25°C, which is ideal for excursions to the mountains and walks in nearby parks. In addition, the summer months are full of cultural events: outdoor festivals, band performances, etc.

 However, the main tourist peak is still during the winter months. The temperature here averages -5°C at this time, which is most optimal for skiers and snowboarders in the mountains. In addition, winter competitions in extreme sports – X Games are held annually in Aspen Mountain Park.

What to See in Denver?

Denver has a lot of historical and simply interesting sights that will be interesting to most visitors. If you travel out of the city in your rental car, you will also find many amazing places. Let’s take a look at where to go in Denver:


State Capitol is the very first spot to go. This is an iconic historic building from 1894 that hosts the Colorado General Assembly. It’s open to visitors during periods free of meetings. In addition to the architecture itself, you will be glad to explore its fascinating interior and learn the information about the gold rush that took place in Denver. 

The Denver Art Museum attracts creative travelers from across the country. It’s considered to be the “Pearl of Colorado” – one of the largest museums in America. The collection of 68,000 exhibits that tell about the life and art of the Indians is especially worth your attention.

The Colorado Arts Center is also a great place to visit with your rental car. This is the whole complex of offices, conference rooms and museum exhibitions. Most of the exhibitions are interactive, so you can’t only touch the exhibits, but also take part, for example, in a mine explosion and gold mining. Themed exhibitions of toys, paintings and others remain a popular area of ​​this museum. 

Denver Museum of Science and Nature won’t leave anyone bored. Be sure to go there if you are traveling with your family. Children will like the amazing dinosaur installations. Founded in 1900, it remains one of the largest science centers in America today.

Parks and reserves 

So, what else can you see in Denver? Of course, stunning nature, breathtaking landscapes and parks:

  • Mount Evans 

It marks the summit of the Rocky Mountains. Despite some distance from the city, getting to it in a rental car won’t be difficult. Landscapes opening from the height of 4,348 meters make you come back there again and again. Remember that access to Mount Evans is closed in winter. 

  • Denver Mountain Parks 

The gorgeous complex of parks and reserves covers the area of ​​5 hectares. It’s recommended to move around such a vast territory exclusively by car rental vehicle. If you don’t have enough time, you can limit yourself to a one-day excursion, which includes a visit to the most famous local attractions. 

  • Denver Botanic Gardens

The fans of beautiful landscapes will like this place. Stylized locations, fountains and greenhouses look very picturesque there. Denver Botanic Gardens are the perfect spot for a picnic or just outdoor recreation in the midst of lush greenery.

Pedestrian streets and city districts 

Similarly to most major cities, Denver features a pedestrian street in downtown. This is the 16th Street Mall. It passes through 7 blocks of the city, which you can walk or take a ride on the free bus. The street is filled with many small souvenir shops, malls, bars and restaurants, hotels, street musicians and magicians. At night, life here’s also in full swing, but with the participation of the homeless and hippies.

Over time, the popularity of the area began to decline, and at the end of the 20th century, it became clear that reorganization was needed to retain tourists. Now the historic streets are filled with shops, clubs and restaurants, hostels and art galleries.

Ski resorts

Despite all the interesting city sights, the geographical location of the city along with the surrounding mountains provides the main influx of travelers to Denver. There are many ski resorts surrounding the city, making it easy to reach them with your rental car. The many slopes in the area are fully equipped, providing excellent conditions both for beginners and professional skiers. 


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