Delhi NCR Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me

Delhi NCR Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me

Most of us have stopped working from home and started going out for delicious meals and to unwind. It can be very difficult to go out with your pet. While it is not ideal to leave your pet at home, some restaurants do not allow pets. We have put together a list Delhi NCR of Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me so your pet can have fun and enjoy good company.

Bark Street, Hajipur, Noida

It was difficult to find restaurants that allow pets in restaurants. The owners created their own restaurant. The Noida-based dine in restaurant offers great food and a warm feeling for your pet. The restaurant offers a great ambiance and food for pets. Experts also provide other services such as co-working spaces and dog care.

Must-haves: Baked Cheesy Nachos, Chicken Tikka & Cheese Sandwich, Peppy Pepperoni (Chicken)

Two-person cost: Rs 600

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Throttle Shrottle, Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon

Throttle Shrottle is a well-known biker cafe that attracts bikers from all over the area. The cafe is open all day. The owner has 4–5 dogs and pets are welcome. This cafe, which is biker-themed, serves amazing multi-cuisine for both you and your four-legged friends.

You must have: Tea, Chai, Sandwiches and White Sauce Pasta. Pasta, Drinks

Two-person cost: Rs 600

Fur Ball Story — Golf Course Road

Are you worried about leaving your pet alone? This place is heaven for pets. You and your pet will enjoy the fun atmosphere here. The food is also delicious. They even have a small bakery and an online shop with high-quality products for pets. You can find delicious treats for your dog and finger food for yourself on the menu.

Must-haves: Pepperoni Pizza, Hot Chocolate, Waffles, Oreo Shake, Fries.

Two-person cost: Rs 600

Diggin. Anand Lok, New Delhi

The outlet is well-known for its fancy atmosphere and great Italian food. However, they have now made it pet friendly for Sundays. The cafe is located in Anand Lok. The cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a beautiful setting decorated with alluring lighting. It’s affordable and delicious! This is a great place to enjoy a delicious meal!

You must-haves are: Citrus Chicken Burger and Chicken Leg Confit, Signature Ravioli. Mango Mint Smoothie, Guava Punch.

Two-person cost: Rs 1400

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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Saidulajab New Delhi

Blue Tokai, a popular Delhi NCR coffee shop chain, is the perfect place to unwind and relax with a book in your hands and your furry friend. This hidden gem is a great place to have a quiet conversation with your friends or with your bae.

You must have: Waffles, Cheese Sandwich, Scrambled Eggs and Waffles. Iced Pourover, Nitro Coffee.

Two: Cost of Rs. 750


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