Custom printed eyeliner boxes offer a plethora of materials to choose from.

Custom printed eyeliner boxes offer a plethora of materials to choose from.

Depending on the preferences of the client, we offer Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes made from a variety of materials. The one-layer box we offer as our standard offering is made from our most basic material. Customers can get their designs printed on one side of this custom printed eyeliner boxes. For those who want more security, there is also the choice of a double-walled box. There are also three different finishes to choose from, including matte, glossy, and matte/glossy; all three provide equal amounts of protection from UV rays. Finally, if the buyer is willing to pay more, they can have a custom-printed box made, which will feature the customer’s own brand or artwork.

Recyclable Kraft

Custom printed eyeliner boxes benefit from eco-friendly Kraft because it is manufactured from post-consumer waste. This makes them an eco-friendly option for high-end custom printed eyeliner boxes, Eyeliner packaging, and other similar products. It can decompose naturally without leaving any harmful residue behind, making it an eco-friendly choice.


Cardstock is an excellent choice for custom printed eyeliner boxes because it is strong and won’t break with the weight of the Eyeliner. The glossy coating lends the box an air of sophistication.


The firm material is ideal for eyeliner packaging since it allows the box to keep its form and prevents the contents from shifting during shipping. Custom printed eyeliner boxes for eyeliner need to be sturdy enough to prevent the product inside from falling out. Additionally, the Eyeliner is safe from harm and will not be crushed because to the hard material.


Corrugated cardboard is frequently used as a container material. Using corrugated material to store your Boxes Eyeliner has benefits, like the prevention of damage and the possibility of future use. Corrugated has been incorporated into eyeliner packaging in the shape of a tray or side panel to prevent any damage to the contents while shipping.

Custom printed eyeliner boxes made entirely from corrugated can be used to convey delicate items like tissue paper. Whether it’s your company emblem or some cutesy designs like flowers or hearts, corrugated can be aesthetically pleasing.

Linen fabric

Cases for eyeliner can be made from the Linen material. Paper, clothing, board games, and pillows are just some of the many things that may be fashioned from this versatile fabric. Custom printed eyeliner boxes for eyeliner are another possible application.


As a robust material, cardboard is ideal for custom printed eyeliner boxes since it prevents the goods inside from being damaged during shipping. As an added bonus, cardboard is cheap and easy to print on, making it an excellent branding medium.

Choose From Stunning Coatings

For your product, we provide a variety of coatings. In addition to our gloss coating, we also offer a matte finish that is ideal for a more understated appearance. If you like a more understated gloss, our satin finish is ideal. Don’t forget to inquire about our other possible finishes!

Packaging for Eyeliner Pens, Finished with a Matte Finish

A matte coating is a method of giving packaging a non-shiny appearance. This is a very new improvement in packaging that has numerous applications. Below are just a few of the many advantages of matte coating:

The product now has a more high-end appearance and feel.

Increased resilience to scratches

Less ink absorption means crisper prints.

Softened light transmission

Packaging Gloss Finish for Eyeliner

Typically, paper will be coated with a glossy finish. It’s useful not just for wood, but for metal and plastic as well. Gloss coating is used to make a material more visually appealing by increasing its sheen. It can help prevent fingerprints and scratches on the surface.

Custom eyeliner boxes for Eyeliner Pencils Finished in Satin

To close the packaging for eyeliners, a satin coating is used. A satin finish reduces the shine of your goods, making it more visible on store shelves. So that every single custom eyeliner boxes has the same uniform appearance and is resistant to scratches, this is a great way to ensure that your product is always the same dark shade.

Obtain Appealing Extras for Eyeliner Containers

Localized ultraviolet light (UV)

Spot UV printing is a method of bringing extra attention to certain regions of a printed product. Utilizing UV-sensitive ink that alters colour when exposed to UV light. It’s a great way to make certain parts of a design pop out and grab attention.

Custom Eyeliner Boxes with spot UV might be a game-changer. This would give the packaging a more high-end vibe and set the product out from the rest on store shelves.

To impress or depress

Eyeliner packaging with embossing and debossing might be a great complement. It has the potential to improve the custom eyeliner boxes aesthetics and robustness. The processes of embossing and debossing can also serve to prevent the Eyeliner from being scratched or otherwise damaged.


Foiling is a method of giving a letter or other design element a metallic appearance, commonly employed in calligraphy and typography. It can be applied to logos, type ornaments, and other graphic design elements. The foiling effect can be accomplished in a number of ways. Applying an adhesive film directly to the surface of the text or artwork is one option. The adhesive film is then sprinkled with metallic powder, and the powder is melted by a heat source to provide the desired effect.


Die cutting is a method of producing precise shapes from various materials. It is a useful accessory for custom eyeliner boxes. It can be utilised to embellish the box in a certain way. Patterns on the box can also be made using die-cutting.

Polyvinyl chloride Sheet

Boxes for eyeliner can be fashioned out of PVC sheets. They provide a reliable and low-cost container for eyeliner. Sheets can be soft and disposable if necessary. Sometimes the margins can be sealed to make them watertight. There is a rainbow of colour options for the sheets.

Printing with an Offset Press

It uses a printing technique in which a raised impression of the print is made on a metal surface and then inked and transferred to a substrate. Whether or not a surface is pre-coated, printing can be employed on it. Decorating walls with printed artwork is one possible application of an offset press. Custom eyeliner boxes for eyeliner pencils are likewise decorated with offset-printed artwork.

Printing Using Lithography

To print an image, ink must be transferred to a flat, smooth surface. A print can be used to make a picture look very crisp and clear. When compared to traditional print ads, lithographic printing might be a huge boon for custom eyeliner boxes.

Inkjet Printing

Packaging for eyeliner pens may now be developed and printed with better precision and in less time thanks to digital printing. In comparison to conventional offset printing, which can be resource-intensive and polluting, this method has a smaller impact on the environment.

SirePrinting: Industry Leader and Industry Best

Our rapid response time, free shipping, and free samples set us apart from the competition. We promise that the total retail value of the items in our custom eyeliner boxes will exceed the price you pay.

2D Prototype

We can assist with the design of a captivating and memorable eyeliner packaging. To help you picture how your final product will look, we provide free 2D mockups. Simply drop us a line and we’ll do all we can to assist you.

Constructed in Three Dimensions

Paper box printing company can provide you with a free 3D prototype of your eyeliner packaging if you require one. To be specific, we are a business that provides 3D printing and prototyping services, and we would be delighted to assist you. If you’re interested, please get in touch with us.

In-Person Sampling

Get in touch with us today to receive a free tangible sample for your custom eyeliner boxes!



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