Custom Made Outdoor Shelter, Chair, And Table Covers

Custom Made Outdoor Shelter, Chair, And Table Covers

If you are ordering custom-made outdoor shelters or covers for your brand marketing then it would be considered one of the best marketing stories that will gather a lot of attention for your brand. A custom-made outdoor shelter can help your business stand out at any kind of event, whether it is a trade show, festival, or sporting event. Many brands offer custom-made canopy or outdoor shelters to help you in promoting your business. If your purpose is to promote your business or if you want a custom-made patio furniture cover for your home then it’s up to you. What type or style of cover do you want for chair? What type of table covers you want for your outdoor space to protect them from scorching sunlight? 

Things You Need To Look For Custom Made Outdoor Shelters Or Covers For Chair & Table

Outdoor shelters and patio covers are essential to protect your outdoor investment because without them your furniture will depreciate much faster. Like other things, patio covers have also needed some calculation before buying them because there are pros and cons to the different materials and designs that are out there. In this blog, you will be going to find a few important considerations to which you need your attention before deciding on buying patio covers from any brand. 


It is very much important to know your furniture size when ordering custom-made covers or shelter for your outdoor furniture. Many people make this mistake and just order it without knowing the right dimensions of their furniture. In many cases, manufacturers make covers for their pieces. Check the brand’s page of the furniture set that you own to see if their dimension matches with your furniture or not. Too long covers will drag on the floor, catching dirt and water so avoid having one size of covers that fits all the patio. It will be a hassle for you to manage. You can look for patio furniture covers or outdoor shelter at Outdoor Gear Exchange coupon. They have everything you are looking for at a remarkable price!

Waterproof covers for Outdoor Shelter

It is very important to buy covers that are waterproof that allow beads of water to roll off the cover. It will help keeping your furniture nice and dry. Such types of covers also help in protecting your outdoor furniture from dust and debris. These covers leave unwanted or ugly patches on your clothes. Some brands claim to have waterproof but they are hardly capable of withstanding a drizzle at best. Make sure from which brand you are buying covers for your furniture. If you fail to pick the right choice of material then it has a great chance of fungi growth because of the trapping moisture inside. 

Breathable Design Covers for Outdoor Shelter

Covers that are made of breathable design have vents built into them to allow air to circulate between furniture, which is important to keep furniture last for long. If you don’t go for breathable design covers for your patio furniture then it has a chance to develop mold and mildew. Many brands claim to offer breathable material covers but the only problem is, that the material also allows passing water through it. So make sure you get the material that has both features in it. A material that has waterproof quality plus is of breathable material.

Tie Down

When buying a custom-made outdoor shelter or covers for your patio covers always make sure it has a handy little feature that will keep you from chasing your furniture covers across the yard. Furniture covers can easily transform into balloons during bad weather conditions like storms or windy seasons. Always go for such types of covers that have strings tied around the bottom to help you secure them to your outdoor furniture. 

Soft Cloth Backing

Some people don’t think about this feature for covers and as a result, they get scratched on their furniture because of the cloth material. If you have stained wood furniture then it is very much important to have soft cloth backing that will not rub or scratch the finish of your furniture. If you choose the wrong cloth material for your furniture then after sitting on your patio furniture for a whole season. Covers could rub away paint or finish coatings, leaving unsightly spots. So to avoid this always make sure to buy soft cloth backing.

These are some of the features that I recommend people to look for before buying patio covers. It is like an investment that will last longer if making the right decision and the right choice of a brand that is Buy Wake discount code! Or read reviews before buying patio furniture covers or outdoor shelter from any other brands. 

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