CTFL-AuT試験資料、CTFL-AuT試験問題、ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level – Automotive Software Tester試験

CTFL-AuT試験資料、CTFL-AuT試験問題、ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level – Automotive Software Tester試験

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ISQI CTFL-AuT(ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level – Automotive Software Tester)試験は、自動車産業の専門家を対象に設計された、世界的に認められた認定プログラムです。この試験は、自動車システムのソフトウェアテストに責任を持つ個人のスキルと知識を検証することを意図しています。認定プログラムは、テストの基本、テスト設計技術、テスト自動化、テスト管理など、幅広いトピックをカバーしています。

>> CTFL-AuT日本語受験教科書 <<


ISQIは、コンピューターで勉強したい人もいれば、携帯電話で勉強したい人もいます。 CTFL-AuTの学習トレントは、iPod、携帯電話、コンピューターなど、ほぼすべての電子デバイスをサポートできるためです。 ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level – Automotive Software Tester急流を購入することを選択した場合、電子機器で学習教材を使用する機会があります。 CTFL-AuTテストトレントは、あなたが自分自身を改善し、想像を超えた進歩を遂げるのに役立つと信じています。 あなたが私たちのCTFL-AuT学習トレントを購入した場合、私たちのISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level – Automotive Software Tester学習教材があなたを失望させないことを確認することができます

ISQI ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level – Automotive Software Tester 認定 CTFL-AuT 試験問題 (Q30-Q35):

質問 # 30
Which of the following measures is MOST suitable for dealing with the increasing complexity of product development?

  • A. Use of several models as variants of a common platform
  • B. Use of experienced employees as coaches for new inexperienced employees
  • C. Creation of new subsidiaries(e g. Romania, India)
  • D. Recruitmentof additional employees


質問 # 31
Which statement characterizes back-to-back testing?

  • A. Back-to-back testing is a variation of pair programming in which the testers should sit back to back to be able to work as independently as possible from each other.
  • B. Back-to-back testing compares lest objects which are based on the same requirements.
  • C. Back-to-back testing compares different execution environments of the same test object
  • D. Back-to-back testing compares test objects with mainly overlapping requirements to recognize the results of requirement change.


Back-to-back testing is a type of software testing in which two versions of the same test object, usually with slightly different feature sets or configurations, are compared. It is used to determine whether any differences between the two versions can be attributed to the changes in the configuration, or if the changes are caused by external factors.

質問 # 32
Which dimension Is defined in Automotive SPICE®?

  • A. Time dimension
  • B. Resource dimension
  • C. Capability dimension
  • D. Objective dimension


In principle, automotive SPICE® has two dimensions: the and the process capability dimension. The processes in the process dimension are based on the ISO 12207 that has been extended and modified with automotive-specific additions.
https://industryforum.co.uk/resources/automotive-spice-by-vda/#:~:text=Scope%20of%20Automotive%20SPICE The Capability dimension is defined in Automotive SPICE®. Automotive SPICE® is a model for the assessment and evaluation of software process capability in the automotive industry. The Capability dimension provides a description of the capability level of the software process, which is determined by the process capability maturity level (CMM) and the process capability level (PCL). The Capability dimension includes aspects such as the definition of processes, the availability of resources, the measurement and analysis of processes, and the improvement of processes.
Source: ISTQB Certified Tester, Automotive Software Tester (CT-AUT) Study Guide.

質問 # 33
Which constraints does a SiL test environment have?

  • A. Numerous internal signals of the test object can be stimulated or observed.
  • B. The test execution can be paused anytime for further analyses.
  • C. Electric error scenarios can be tested early.
  • D. In the SiL environment the simulation time is generally shorter than the real time.


質問 # 34
Which statement regarding the coding standard MlSRA-C:2012 Is true?

  • A. MISRA-C defines rules and guidelines that are supposed to help avoid anomalies In object-oriented developed software (e.g. in C++)
  • B. A typical rule in MISRA-C is that the developer has documented the implemented behavior wen.
  • C. MISRA-C defines rules and guidelines. Rules are verifiable by static analysis tools and are always required.
  • D. MISRA-C defines rules that include among others that the source code should not include nested comments.


質問 # 35


CTFL-AuT実際試験: https://www.mogiexam.com/CTFL-AuT-exam.html

したがって、CTFL-AuTテストガイドを十分にマスターし、試験に合格することができます、MogiExamは全面的な最高のISQI CTFL-AuT試験の資料を含め、きっとあなたの最良の選択だと思います、まず、CTFL-AuTのISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level – Automotive Software Tester試験トレント資料を毎日チェックして更新する専門スタッフがいるため、いつでもCTFL-AuT試験トレントから最新情報を入手できます、IT技術職員として、周りの人はISQI CTFL-AuT試験に合格し高い月給を持って、上司からご格別の愛護を賜り更なるジョブプロモーションを期待されますけど、あんたはこういうように所有したいますか、ISQI CTFL-AuT日本語受験教科書 それで、弊社の問題集をご安心に使用ください。

頬を撫でられる感触、横断歩道を渡りきり、マクドナルドの前にたどりつく、したがって、CTFL-AuTテストガイドを十分にマスターし、試験に合格することができます、MogiExamは全面的な最高のISQI CTFL-AuT試験の資料を含め、きっとあなたの最良の選択だと思います。


まず、CTFL-AuTのISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level – Automotive Software Tester試験トレント資料を毎日チェックして更新する専門スタッフがいるため、いつでもCTFL-AuT試験トレントから最新情報を入手できます、IT技術職員として、周りの人はISQI CTFL-AuT試験に合格し高い月給を持って、上司からご格別の愛護を賜り更なるジョブプロモーションを期待されますけど、あんたはこういうように所有したいますか。


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