CRT-250 Exam Actual Tests | New CRT-250 Test Vce Free

CRT-250 Exam Actual Tests | New CRT-250 Test Vce Free

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Salesforce is a renowned global leader in cloud computing and customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions. The company offers various certification exams to help professionals develop their skills and expertise in Salesforce technologies. One of the most popular certification exams for Salesforce professionals is the Salesforce CRT-250 exam. This exam is designed to test and validate the knowledge and skills of professionals who want to become certified Marketing Cloud Administrators.

To prepare for the CRT-250 exam, candidates need to have a strong foundation in Marketing Cloud concepts, including email marketing, automation, and data management. The exam also requires candidates to have hands-on experience in using the Marketing Cloud platform. Candidates can prepare for the exam through a variety of resources, including online courses, practice exams, and study guides. Upon passing the exam, candidates will receive the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator credential, which is widely recognized in the industry as a mark of expertise in Marketing Cloud solutions.

>> CRT-250 Exam Actual Tests <<

New Salesforce CRT-250 Test Vce Free | Valid CRT-250 Exam Tips

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The Salesforce CRT-250 certification exam is an excellent way to prepare for a career in Marketing Cloud administration. This certification is designed to test your knowledge of Marketing Cloud and its various components. The exam covers topics such as email marketing, automation, data management, and analytics. The certification is ideal for individuals who want to demonstrate their expertise in Marketing Cloud administration and gain recognition for their skills.

Salesforce Prepare for your Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Sample Questions (Q110-Q115):

To prevent retention of stagnant data, Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants any inactive data stored in data extensions to be cleared after 12 months.
What action should NTO take?

  • A. Configure the business unit data retention setting to 12 months
  • B. Configure the Enterprise wide default retention to one year
  • C. Set inactive date to be automatically cleared after one year, but is recoverable
  • D. Apply a row based retention to each data extension as it is created, set to 12 months

Answer: D

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to implement a drip campaign to its highest -value outdoor sports customers. NTO is including a deep product discount and wants to limit the audience to not only its best customers, but also those customers most likely to respond.
Which three criteria should the customer use to create an audience for this campaign?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Proximity to Store
  • B. Last Purchase Date
  • C. Lifetime Purchase Value
  • D. Ages in Household
  • E. Conversion Rate

Answer: B,C,E

Einstein Recommendations uses data extensions to store user-facing information How is this data passed to Marketing Cloud?

  • A. Collect Tracking code
  • B. Web & Mobile Analytics
  • C. Google Analytics 360
  • D. Conversion Tracking

Answer: A

When customers use the Marketing Cloud default Profile Center link to unsubscribe it causes users to not receive emails from any other business unit.
What could explain this behavior?

  • A. The user Is getting deleted from the AN Subscribers list
  • B. The user gets Added to a blocklist that causes an Enterprise level unsubscribe
  • C. Is removed Business unit unsubscribe setting causes an Enterprise level unsubscribe
  • D. Data in data extensions corresponding to the customer

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters wants a data model in Marketing Cloud which will prevent them from duplicating, or even triplicating, records.
How should the unique identifier of the data model be setup if the MobilePush and Email channels are used within the same account?

  • A. Strategically control the Contact Key values in Email, but let Marketing Cloud automatically tie records as needed from MobilePush.
  • B. Use the auto-generated keys supplied by Marketing Cloud at time of record creation for each channel used.
  • C. Use a third-party system to identify and delete duplicate Contact Keys.
  • D. Strategically control the Contact Key values and tie records together across channels using this key.

Answer: D


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