Create a Healthcare Company in the UAE

In Dubai, establishing a healthcare business is an easy and rapid process. The emirate has even created a special free zone just for companies looking to enter the healthcare industry. The Dubai HealthCare City (DHCC) Freezone company setup provides a luxurious setting and a productive environment for launching a flourishing healthcare enterprise in Dubai. There are two alternatives provided by DHCC for establishing a healthcare business in Dubai:


The Wellness Community and the Medical Community.

Health Community


This area is reserved for businesses and organisations that provide services for maintaining health, receiving therapeutic treatments, and centers that offer advice on good diet and health, among other things. The wellness community is essentially the area of the DHCC that is focused on improving a person’s health and body rather than treating or curing illnesses. It is not designed for hospitals to be located within this roughly 19 million square foot region.


Medical profession


Hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics will be housed in the Medical Community, a (about) 4 million square foot area of the DHCC. The businesses in Dubai’s health industry benefit from the distinct division between the two spaces.


Many people are unsure about how to launch a healthcare business or open a pharmacy in Dubai. The best course of action for company formation in the business sector would be to hire us to assist you. On your behalf, our qualified professionals will present the paperwork to the relevant parties and continue the procedure. After finishing the work, you can continue creating business growth initiatives.


In the DHCC, you are able to open a branch of an existing healthcare business or Free Zone Limited Liability Company. Depending on the type of business you want to launch, different paperwork will be required. The company in the healthcare industry may be owned by an expat, an expat/resident working with corporate shareholders, or a corporate entity holding sole ownership. Also, you can check out the Business setup in Dubai.


Documents Needed to Establish a Healthcare Business in Dubai

The following paperwork must be provided in order to establish a healthcare business in Dubai:


  • – A properly filled-out application


  • – Board resolution to create a healthcare-free zone LLC


  • Articles of Incorporation (AOA)


  • – Association Memorandum (MOA)


  • – Passport copies


  • – A visa copy


  • – Photos the size of a passport


  • – Additional papers that the authority is requesting


The Steps Needed to Launch a Healthcare Company

  • A business license is issued for the healthcare firm in Dubai at the end of the procedure which starts with selecting a company structure, deciding on a name, and picking a business location.


  • – Select the company structure; for example, an FZ-LLC, a branch of a foreign company, or a UAE corporation can be launched.


  • – Decide on a company name and register it with the Department of Economic Development in accordance with the rules established (DED)


  • – Choose a location in Dubai for your healthcare enterprise and secure office space.


  • – The following stage is receiving DED and Dubai Health Authority permits (DHA). The DHA is the official authority in charge of approving company creation in the healthcare industry. 



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