Concentration Curl: How To Do, Variations, Benefit, And Mistakes

Concentration Curl: How To Do, Variations, Benefit, And Mistakes

Concentration Curl: To make strong and big biceps, hard work is needed. For this, one does the best exercise for the biceps, so that its size can increase and the personality can look attractive.

Everyone wants to make biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, etc., and works hard for that.

The brachialis muscle of the biceps is called the front side of the biceps, which looks like a bowl when the biceps are bandaged.

Some people also do the following exercises to get rock-solid biceps.

  • Biceps curl
  • Hammer curl
  • Preacher Curl, etc. 

People also follow the tips to increase the size of their biceps, due to which their size can increase in no time. But the size of the biceps of many people remains the same.

If you also want to increase biceps size in 15-30 days then you have to add “concentration curl workout”  to the plan.

With this, you can get the result very quickly.  So today we will tell you about what is concentration curl workout/exercise, the right way to do it, its benefits, precautions, and mistakes.

What is Concentration Curl? 

The concentration curl exercise is the best isolation exercise for the biceps. While doing this, the tension comes only on the brachialis muscles of the biceps.

The biceps is the primary muscle and the forearms are the secondary muscles. It is done by sitting on the bench and kneeling on the elbows. This is a good exercise to emphasize the biceps peak. Often it is used to complete the biceps workout.

This is an exercise done with medium weight, whose reps are applied more.

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Machine/Equipment For Concentration Curl

Concentration curl exercises do not require much equipment. To do this, you need a bench to sit on and a medium weight or dumbbells according to your capacity.

Some people also do this standing or lying on an incline bench, also known as the prone incline curl. You can also do this exercise with a resistance band.

Concentration Curl Variations

The concentration curl is an isolation exercise. That’s why it is the best exercise for the biceps. But if you want, you can also try the following exercise instead.

  • Preacher curl,
  • Biceps Curl On Incline Bench,
  • Zottman Curl,
  • Lateral Biceps-Curl,
  • Preacher Curl On Exercise Ball,
  • Scott Curl With Dumbbell
  • Single-Arm,
  • Prone Biceps-Curl / Spider Curl,
  • Rotating Bicep Curl
  • Biceps-Curl, etc.

How To Do Concentration Curl? 

Concentration Curl

Don’t forget to warm up before doing the concentration curl exercise. For warm-up, do shoulder rotation, wrist stretch, neck swing, elbow stretch, etc. Now sit on a chair, bench, or ball and take dumbbells according to you and sit on the bench.

After this, bend forward and place the elbow on the tip of the knee as shown in the image. To balance the body, place the other hand on the other knee.

After this, take a deep breath, and while curling, bring the dumbbells towards the shoulder.  Once the biceps are fully contracted, slowly lower the dumbbells back down.

After this do 3 sets of 12-15 reps according to the trainer. Repeat this exercise with the other hand as well.

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Benefits Of Concentration Curl 

  • Concentration curls are the best biceps exercise, which brings a peak to the biceps. 
  • This is an isolation exercise, which creates tension only on the biceps.
  • With the concentration curl exercise, the brachialis muscles are well trained and the biceps get size.
  • This exercise is done with the mind-muscle connection, which gives size to the biceps.

Mistakes During Concentration Curl

  • Some people keep the elbows below the knee while doing the biceps concentration curl exercise so that the right peak does not come. Therefore, always keep the elbow above the knee.
  • While doing the exercise, keep the foot on which the elbow rests, so that it can support it properly.
  • Some people do this exercise in a hurry so that the load on the biceps does not come. So always do this exercise slowly.
  • Most people keep their elbows in the air while doing biceps curls, which is wrong. Doing so should be avoided.
  • In the beginning, lifting heavy weights can cause injury, so do not lift heavy dumbbells.


Include the concentration curl exercise in the biceps exercise plan so that the biceps can get the right size. If you have any confusion, then you can ask by commenting or also ask your trainer.


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