Compress Boxes To Test The Strength With Presto Compression Tester

Compress Boxes To Test The Strength With Presto Compression Tester

Presto Compression Tester is a rugged instrument with user-friendly controls. In today’s world of top competition, there is an immense demand for high-quality of products. The same is happening with paper and packaging products. Customers judge the quality of the products with the quality of packaging. If the quality of the packaging products is not up the mark or inferior in looks, it will influence the buying behavior of the consumers too. This has pushed the manufacturers of paper products to produce only quality products for the customers and nothing below this in order to satisfy the demand of the customers.

Use of Compression Tester in Packaging Industries

To ensure the quality of packaging products, manufacturers make use of high-quality of Compression Tester in order to inspect the quality of the raw materials as well as the end products. I did the testing in packaging industries to protect the quality of the product that are packed in these containers or cartons. These strategies help to ensure the quality of the products even at the time of transportation, warehousing, and handling. We used corrugated boxes and cartons in almost all production units to pack the goods safely. These boxes, when subjected to heavy load and pressure, the boxes get compressed, and this damages the quality of the products that are packed inside. Therefore, it is have to test the compression strength of the boxes to make them compression proof.

A Key to Box Strength Measurement

To protect the products from various transportation hurdles such as top load, compression, drop and many more, t is the duty of the manufacturers in packaging industries to test the quality of the packaging materials using appropriate and quality testing machines. Compression Tester is the best instruments that measures the maximum force that boxes can tolerate without compressing the boxes. Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Box Compression Tester. Contact with us +91 9210903903 or email us at to know about the Box Compression Tester Price, features and technical specification.


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