10 Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

10 Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

The continent of Asia is the most populous and landlocked continent out of the seven continents of the world. The continent of Asia is home to more than 45 countries and their cultures. The continent of Asia is considered to be an island of vast mountains, forests, deserts, beaches, lakes, delicious cuisines, and different languages. If we talk about the Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit, then tell us that everyone wants to travel abroad at some point or the other. But the biggest problem that comes up is money.

Because to travel abroad, it is very important to have a hefty amount. Today we are going to tell you about the cheapest countries in the continent of Asia through this article. You can travel to these countries on a very low budget, as well as make your dream of traveling abroad come true. If you want to travel cheap abroad, then definitely read this article of ours completely.

10 Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit


Vietnam | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

Vietnam is the first country on the list of Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit. Vietnam has become very popular among the youth of India in the last few years. The main reason for this is the cheapness of the country of Vietnam, which is most important for tourists to visit. The country of Vietnam has long been successful and successful in attracting budget travelers. From accommodation, travel facilities to food and drink, everything is cheap in Vietnam. Apart from this, the natural beauty of Vietnam country with attractive hills and tribal villages and the hospitality, culture, and traditions of its modern cities attract tourists. The most amazing thing about Vietnam is that you also get facilities like free accommodation for some places.


Malaysia | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

Malaysia is a great tourist destination located in the Southeast of Asia, where one can enjoy holidays on a low budget. Traveling to the country of Malaysia is surprisingly cheap and is known as one of the most visited destinations by tourists. Due to the low cost of everything, it becomes very easy to travel around the country of Malaysia. The national parks, beautiful mountains, stunning sandy beaches, historical cities as well as beautiful places located in modern cities have very low fees. Some islands of Malaysia are also tax-free. Traveling to Malaysia is really cheap. If you are also fond of foreign travel, then a trip to Malaysia will fit your budget.


Nepal | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

Budget travelers get a good chance to smile while visiting Nepal, one of the cheapest places to visit in Asia. In Nepal travel, tourists get hotels to stay at very cheap prices as compared to other countries. Tourists can enjoy the delicious food of Nepal at cheap prices. Although the expenditure on some activities in Nepal is high, still a trip to Nepal is a low-budget trip. There are many attractive tourist places in Nepal, which are very much liked by the tourists of the country and abroad.

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India | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

India’s name is also included in the list of the Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit. India is a peace-loving country, which is known as the world’s top tourist country in terms of tourism. India’s culture, art, beautiful natural and historical places attract tourists from far and wide. India tours can be planned as a low-budget trip as Indian food, hotel, and transport facilities are cheap. Apart from this, when you go to visit tourist places in India, the entry fee will also be very less and most of the tourist places are absolutely free. You can visit historical places like the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and Buland Darwaza in India. Traveling abroad to cheap countries proves to be interesting.

Sri Lanka

Srilanka | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

Sri Lanka is an island country included in the cheapest countries of the continent of Asia. Which seems to highlight the importance of natural treasures, beautiful sandy beaches, and culture. The name of Sri Lanka has always been associated with the country of India because Sri Lanka has been associated with India since the time of the Ramayana period. Apart from India, the number of tourists going to Sri Lanka from other countries is very high. The most important reason for this is the cheapness of places to visit in Sri Lanka and the presence of beautiful tourist places. Hotels, Sri Lankan food, and transportation are affordable in Sri Lanka. However, some places and activities have to be paid a little extra while visiting Sri Lanka.


Thailand | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

Thailand tourism is another popular and cheap South-East Asian country. Thailand has long been attracting low-budget travelers and is known for its attractive beaches, islands, forests, and cultural tourist destinations. Travel to the country of Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Asia. Thai massages in Thailand are very famous, which a green tourist will want to do once. If you ever get a chance, then definitely go on a trip to Thailand, the cheap country of Asia.

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Indonesia | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

Indonesia has its own place in the Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit. Many islands in the country of Indonesia are ready to welcome eager travelers and are also cheaper than other parts of the country. Seeing the brightness of Indonesia, it is very difficult to say that this country is so cheap compared to other countries. Indonesia’s nature, beauty, culture, history, activities like nightlife attract everyone’s attention. Indonesia’s islands named Bali, Java, and Sumatra cost very little, you can choose them. By choosing to travel to Asian countries like Indonesia, you can make your dream of traveling abroad come true even in low-budget.


China | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

China, which is one of the Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit is very beautiful. If you want to confine your travel to China to a low budget, then some of its major cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen will have to be done away with. Xi’an, Harbin, Chengdu, and Huangshan are among the places to visit in China at the lowest price. Apart from these, there are many tourist places to make travel to China cheap.


Bhutan | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

Bhutan is a country that ranks high in the World Happiness Index among low-budget travel destinations in Asia. The Bhutan destination is very popular among Indian youth. Bhutan, a Himalayan state, is known worldwide for its traditional activities ranging from trekking to painting, sculpture, and archery. One of the reasons why Bhutan’s tourist destination is exorbitant is its low cost. With the height of the Himalayas, the view of the clouds is interesting. If you want to travel low-budget abroad, then you can choose any of these countries according to your convenience and information.

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Bangladesh | Cheapest Asian Countries To Visit

You can also choose Bangladesh to travel to the cheapest countries in Asia. Bangladesh tours are ideally suited for tourists who are looking for cheap foreign travel and want to fulfill their dream of traveling abroad at a low cost. From tourist attractions, hotel stays, and food items to travel, many things are very cheap in Bangladesh. Although the prices of some items touch high, you can avoid them and go for a cheap foreign trip. You can also visit the major tourist places of Bangladesh, some of which are absolutely free but in some places, you have to pay some cost.


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