Buy Guess Glasses with Scratch-fress Lenses Online

Buy Guess Glasses with Scratch-fress Lenses Online

If you have prescription glasses, you know how annoying it is to find grit, grime, or dust deposited on the lenses. Yet apart from being irritating, it can trigger headaches and eye strain. Furthermore, bacteria are more prone to develop on glasses if they haven’t been disinfected in a long time. Nurturing bacteria in a sensitive spot, like your eyes and nose, carries hazards. A fast cleaning Guess glasses cleaning should be a routine of daily eye care.

However, it depends on your profession, personal cleanliness, and adaptability to blur. Some authentic resources have claimed that hazardous germs can develop on eyewear, including those bacteria that can lead to microbial infections. The ear clips and nose pads were the most polluted parts of the prescription eyewear.

How to clean eyeglasses lenses?

Your glasses’ lenses are essential for seeing the world with a clear and sharp focus. Once you follow the routine cleaning of lenses, it wouldn’t be complicated because it takes only 20 seconds to clean lenses. But probably, twenty seconds is just overthinking because it can take less than 20 seconds.


Microfiber cloth is the most practical and safest way to clean your glasses without staining or harming them. A cleaning solution or spray is recommended because they are formulated for cleaning Guess eyeglasses lenses that specifically keep safe lens coating and polycarbonate lenses. But you have an option of lotion-free liquid soap.


  • To avoid transferring germs through your hand to your eyeglasses, thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Pour normal water over your prescription eyewear to remove any dust or debris that could harm the lenses. If your area has hard water, use distilled water instead of tap water.
  • Clean your eyeglasses with a microfiber cloth.
  • Spray cleaning solution on both sides of your spectacles. Use a single drop of dish soap on both sides of the lenses and gently wipe it over the lens surface. If soap is used, rinse thoroughly.
  • Wipe off any leftover water droplets from your glasses. To avoid watermarks and streaks, dry them with a gas duster.

How to clean the eyewear frame?

Frames have numerous small fragments, such as hinges, screws, and springs, which can be clogged with oil and sweat from your face. Many individuals neglect this necessary practice while cleaning their eyewear. Eyewear frame cleaning is vital for personal hygiene because the frame is continually in contact with your skin. Many people, especially those who regularly take care of their spectacles, sometimes forget to clean their Guess glasses frames and nose pads. It can result in a variety of mild skin disorders.”


  • Warm water should use to clean the frames. Apply small lotion-free dish soap to your eyewear frames with your fingertips.
  • Warm water should use adequately to rinse the frames.
  • Use a rubbing alcohol-soaked microfiber cloth.
  • Supplies can harm your eyeglasses
  • While cleaning Guess prescription glasses, many people make the same mistakes.

Avoid using the following materials

Tissues, paper towels, and your shirt may look quick fixes for smeared lenses. But practice soft lens clothes, such as the ones provided with your glasses. The most common mistake for cleaning lenses is people use paper towels or tissues or paper towels. These materials are too abrasive that can cause tiny scratches on the lens surface because the lens often affects clarity with time.

Acetone-containing products

Another typical blunder is cleaning lenses and eyeglasses frames with nail polish remover. It is not a great option. Acetone in nail polish remover is terribly damaging to both lenses and plastic eyewear frames if remains on the surface for an extended period.

Saliva cannot clean your glasses

When you’re struggling to get smudge-free guess womens glasses, you can use your saliva to moisten the lens quickly. It isn’t a hygiene approach because you are contaminating your lens with bacteria through your lips, which allows them to grow fast. In practice, your saliva may alleviate the smudge’s visibility. Cleaning your spectacles should be a routine that you do every day. It will not only improve your vision, but it will also prevent eye infections and skin issues like acne and blackheads.

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