Top 5 Biceps Workout For Strong Muscles

Top 5 Biceps Workout For Strong Muscles

Biceps Workout: Most of the people in the gym are seen to exercise only biceps and triceps, they want to increase the size of their biceps, they want to look attractive and muscular.

That’s why they go to the gym and work hard, but they fail to gain muscle even after going to the gym. They leave the gym in despair.

Fitness experts and trainers say that if you exercise well and follow a clean diet, then you can increase your biceps by one and a half inches in 2 months.

Given this, today, through this article, we will tell you the right way to apply Biceps Workout, exercises to increase size, and the right day to apply exercises. So that’s why you read our article completely.

Decide The Day For The Biceps Workout….. 

Often people are seen to pay more attention to biceps workouts, they keep doing biceps workouts every day.

But by exercising the biceps daily, the growth of the muscles stops, due to which the plates come in the muscles and they do not see the results.

People keep asking me on which day to do biceps exercise so that they get quick results, but it is not like that, you do not get quick results on a certain day. This is a long-term result that you can get by exercising daily.

Biceps are small muscles in our body, train it only once or twice a week. You can choose any day according to you and apply biceps exercise.

Before knowing the exercise of biceps, let us understand the anatomy of biceps.

Anatomy of Biceps

Biceps have two heads –

1- Shorthead

2- Long head

Apart from this, there is another muscle group – Brachialis.

Short head – Short head is the muscle on the left side of our biceps, which we call the short head.

Long head – Long head is the right muscle of our biceps, which we call the long head.

Brachialis – The brachialis muscle is below our long head and short head, it is the muscle that makes up the biceps peak.

Top 5 Biceps Workout 

1. Barbell Curl 

Barbell curl | Biceps Workout

This exercise targets the overall biceps. This exercise is followed by almost everyone.

How to do Barbell Curl? 

  • To perform this biceps exercise, first of all, make a group of arms according to the width of the shoulder.  
  • Retract the shoulder backward.
  • Maintain a stable body.
  • Sets – 4
  • Reps 8 – 10

2. Incline Dumbbell Curl 

Incline Dumbbell Curl  | Biceps Workout

This exercise hits the long head of the biceps.

How to do Incline Dumbbell Curl? 

  • To perform this exercise, first, maintain a stable body on an incline bench.
  • Keep the back on the bench.
  • Do not move the elbow back and forth.
  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 8 – 10

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3. Concentration Curl

Concentration Curl | Biceps Workout 

This exercise hits the short head of the biceps. The biceps are activated the most in this exercise.

How to do Concentration Curl? 

  • Use a bench or stool to do this exercise.
  • Try to keep the back straight.
  • Keep elbows locked as you squat.
  • When you lift the dumbbell upwards, slightly rotate the wrist, as shown in the image above.
  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 6 – 8

4. Reverse Curl 

Reverse Curl  | Biceps Workout

This exercise hits the brachialis muscles. By doing this exercise, a good peak of biceps is made.

How to do Reverse Curl? 

  • To do this exercise, first of all, maintain a stable body.
  • Lock the elbow.
  • Perform the exercise by reversing the wrist.
  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 6 – 8

5. Hammer curl 

Hammer curl | biceps workout

This exercise is considered a very good exercise. Be sure to include this exercise in your workout routine.

How to do Hammer Curl? 

  • Keep the back straight.
  • Keep your core ie stomach tight.
  • When you lift the dumbbell upwards, do not move your elbows back and forth.
  • Sets  3
  • Reps – 6 – 8

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