Best Ways to Appear More Confident Than You Feel

Best Ways to Appear More Confident Than You Feel

Embodying confidence is not a walk in the park for every individual. Some find it difficult to be confident amongst strangers, while some immediately become anxious when facing a large crowd. However, there are ways to make yourself appear more optimistic than you are. It will not happen at the swish of a magic wand, but all these ways will prove effective. Listen up!

Buck Yourself Up

Start paying attention to the self-talk you use when attempting to show confidence. Do you engage in negative self-talk? Examples of this could be telling yourself that you will make a mistake or that you will not be able to manage the circumstance.

Although you might not believe these thoughts are very significant, they can seriously affect your confidence. If you constantly doubt your abilities and yourself, eventually, you may come to believe that you lack the necessary skills for success.

When you speak negatively to yourself, you develop self-limiting thoughts. If you keep telling yourself that you cannot accomplish anything, you will never be successful in that particular task.

Search for Inspiration

You can also increase your confidence when you need it by looking up to self-assured people you respect, reading motivational quotes, or repeating a mantra.

Research indicates that you should be cautious when choosing motivational quotes despite your temptation to encourage yourself with ambitious statements or positive affirmations. It is because unrealistic or excessively uplifting inspirational statements may backfire.

So, seek inspiration or confidence-boosting materials, such as inspirational quotes or other messages. Be careful to choose items that boost your confidence rather than undermine it. The internet is filled with inspiring stories that can motivate you and help you gain confidence. 

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Stop Comparing

While discovering motivational sources might boost your self-assurance, avoiding negatively contrasting yourself with others is crucial. Comparing yourself to others based on their actions, appearance, or other characteristics can make you feel worse.

Comparing oneself negatively to those who appear “better” than you can be especially harmful, as can making social comparisons upward. Making these comparisons, according to one study, causes sentiments of envy.

The next time you catch yourself making comparisons or experiencing jealousy, change your attention to your skills and abilities. It is wonderful to admire individuals and be motivated by them; watch out for jealousy or envy.

Take on Challenges

While you may be tempted to avoid situations that make you feel less confident, doing so can make you feel more anxious and less confident in your skills. According to research, doing what you are afraid of can help you feel less anxious and more confident.

It does not imply that you should rush into something for which you are unprepared. In the long term, taking on too much and failing could make you feel less capable.

Instead, try progressively practicing the tasks that make you uncomfortable, such as giving a speech or making connections at a business event. It can boost your self-assurance that you can succeed under those conditions.

Polish Yourself for Success

It is a phenomenon known as “polishing oneself,” where one type of stimulus might influence how you react to a different stimulus. You can take advantage of this propensity by setting yourself up for success and optimism.

For instance, studies have shown that priming exercises that emphasized goals enhanced self-confidence in athletes. This may be crucial to an athlete’s performance and success on the field. 

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Work on Your Weaknesses

Pay attention to strengthening your shortcomings. You can focus on having a breakout experience if you need to cultivate a particular personality trait or if you have disregarded your style for a while.

We all have weaknesses, and it’s Pandora’s box that we are afraid of opening. Knowing what your weaknesses are and proceeding to work on them shows an individual’s strength in how they are trying to improve in their lives.

Believe in Yourself

Find a ray of hope in all that gloom, even if your self-esteem is dwindling. Even if you look for the best money can buy, you still will not be believed.

Because it enables you to stand taller, create stronger eye contact, extend a good handshake, and own your personal space, having self-confidence affects how you come across to others. The foundation of presence is self-confidence.


Not everyone can ooze confidence without breaking a sweat, but if you put these tips to work, you can be sure that you will not have a hard time doing that. It is time to become the center of the party!


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