Best places to visit near Kanha National Park

Best places to visit near Kanha National Park

John Vaillant says’ “ A tiger will see you a hundred times before you see him once”.

Just take out your traveling shoes, pack your bags and be ready for a long vacation in Kanha National Park and along visiting the beautiful surrounding places in Madhya Pradesh. Doesn’t matter if you are a wildlife, nature lover or a history buff, this is a place packed with a number of attractions for the visitors all around the globe. This national park is surrounded by a plethora of various tourist destinations surrounding it where you can go and quench your thirst of visiting attractive places in the Madhya Pradesh region.

Kanha National Park which is also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve and is a vast expanse of grassland and forest of  Tigers. Hence, Kanha is said to be one of the most beautiful forests which one gets to see in India. Even in the peak summer also, the forest is seen lush green with the grassy meadows of Sal and bamboo trees. This is  the forest which forms an  inspiration for Rudyard  Kipling’s Jungle Book. In this park, animals often gather at the watering holes of Babathenga Tank and Sondar Tank. Hence, the flora and fauna of the park are well documented in the Kanha Museum of the park. So, here let’s head towards more exciting places to visit near Kanha National Park.

Kanha Museum

If you are a wildlife lover, whenever you plan a vacation to Kanha National Park, you must move and visit the Kanha Museum. It is an important yet beautiful tourist destination near Kanha Tiger Reserve. This museum is authorized by the Forest Department of India. It is a very essential place to gain knowledge about the topography and various other interesting facts of the park. Skeletons of the various reptiles, carnivores and herbivore animals are displayed in the Kanha Museum. Hence, the museum renders a huge attraction for the wildlife lovers.

In order to provide the tourists with a sort of better comprehension regarding the wildlife habitats, a number of charts, photographs, models and specimens are displayed in the museum giving detailed information about the food and living of the wildlife to the tourists. One must see the evening sound show in the museum.

Kawardha Palace

Now move to some Chhattisgarh area. Might be thinking why? Yes, here in the Raipur region awaiting Kawardha Palace which would just soak you in the royal ambiance. This Italian marble and stone made palace is located just 91 km away from the Kanha National Park. It is sprawled over an area of 11 acre with lush green territory. For the visitors, it is the monument which encompasses the panoramic views of Maikal Hill range. This royal residence is converted into a luxury heritage hotel with a number of luxury facilities like that an evening bar, library room, etc.

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This place is majorly known for the sacred temples and the sky-high forts. It is thus one of the best tourist destinations near Kanha Tiger Reserve. Mandla is a nature filled place and it serves its visitors with a sort of dazzling view of the Rapta Ghat and the Rangrez Ghat. It also catches the area of Narmada river. The place is around 35 knss from the Kanha National Park. The place is made more attractive by the fort which is encircled by the Sahastradhara River giving a sort of glorious view to the savor.


This place is around 159 kms from the Kanha Tiger Reserve. It is also known as the Teerthraj. This land is overloaded with plants having a number of medicinal properties. Hence, this makes this place more noteworthy from the ecological perspective. There prevails the plants which are hard to find and belong to rare species. This is located at the emerging points of Sone, Narmada and Johila Rivers and thus is well known  for its Dudh Dhara waterfalls. This waterfall has foaming water which looks like milk. Along with this, there also prevails many other places which one should not skip in the vacation to Kanha Tiger Reserve. In Amarkantak, Narmada Udgam and Pataleshwar Mahadev Mandir are among the top most attractions. The architecture of the temple is just incredible having certain spiritual hues for the visitors.


It is often known as the soul of Madhya Pradesh. It is thus the city with the coloured marble rocks. The place is 164 kms away from the Kanha Tiger Reserve. Along with this, the city is a point of attraction to the visitors. What would be more entertaining than sitting under the moonlight and having the view of picturesque witnessing the changing colors of the 100 feet tall mountains along with the river Narmada which passes through them. The place also has a number of spiritual attractions.

Bamni Dadar

It would be great fun to the visitors to capture the mindblowing sight of the sunset from the Bamni Dadar. This place is also known to be the sunset point of Kanha National Park. This place is located around 275 kms from the national park. There is still a take off region from where the Britishers used to fly their aircrafts for enjoying the grace of bird eye view of the Kanha National Park.

Panna National Park

Most of the adjacent attractions of the Kanha National park are  associated with wildlife exploration. As you arrive at the Panna National park which is located around 315 kms away from the Kanha National Park, you get a chance to explore a number of wildlife species. This land allows the travelers to witness a number of mammals which have the inclusion of leopard, tiger, hyena, wolf, sloth bear and many more others. This is the place where around 200 species of migratory birds.


It is majorly known as a hill station which one must visit.  It is often known as the “Queen of Satpura”. Pachmarhi is well settled in the lap of nature. One would be just mesmerized by the beauty of the Satpura Mountain Ranges, rock paintings, waterfalls and scenic spots. This beautiful place is located around 300 km away from the Kanha National Park. It is also the land of ancient Buddhist caves.

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