Best Places To Visit In Italy

Best Places To Visit In Italy

Hello everyone! Think-how.com has done comprehensive research and thus are going to discuss the interesting facts about Italy or the best places to visit in Italy.

Italy is an attractive country located in the continent of Europe, whose capital is Rome. This country, which is called India of Europe, is a beautiful country out of the total 20 countries located in Europe. The country of Italy was brought into existence by the Greeks in the 9th century. If seen in terms of population, then it is the 23rd most populous country in the world, and Italy is the fourth most populous country in Europe. If seen in terms of area, then the total area of ​​Italy is spread over an area of ​​about 301,338 square kilometers.

Italy is considered the center of the Enlightenment and Social Sciences and the Center of Arts and Culture. Italy Tourist Place has a lot of importance in terms of tourism.  Tourists from all over the country and abroad come to visit Italy and feel a lot of joy. If you also want to get information about the country of Italy and its importance, then definitely read our article completely –

History of Italy

The mythology and ancient facts about the history of the country of Italy suggest that Italy was created by Napoleon. Italy had several wars with the Austrians, in which France and England took part in the Italian War. In 1870, Rome, the capital of Italy, completed the construction of Italy. At this time, Victor Emmanuel II became the king of Italy, but the people of Italy did not like this monarchy, so they abolished the monarchy in 1946 after the king was hanged in 1943. After this, Italy became an independent country as a republic.

Capital of Italy 

It is often asked what the capital of Italy is, so today you should know that the capital of Italy is Rome.

Currency of Italy 

The currency of Italy is Euro.

Language of Italy

The official language spoken in Italy is Italian.

Italy Famous Festivals 

The most important of Italy’s major festivals are Christmas and Easter. Christmas is celebrated with great pomp all over Italy, most shops in Italy are closed on Christmas Day, and vehicles in and out are also banned. So that everyone together can celebrate this holy festival with great pomp and gaiety. Christmas markets are also held in many places. Children love Christmas very much. A festival called Saint’s Day is also celebrated in Italy. In this festival, it is customary for people to decorate the graves of their ancestors.

Italy Famous Food

Italy famous food

Italy is a country where you can get to eat a variety of unique dishes. You will love coming here again and again after tasting the delicious Italian food. The most liked dishes in Italian cuisine are Pizza, Bottarga, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, Ribolita, Polenta, Osobucco, Risotto, Carbonara, and Truffles.

Best Time To Visit Italy 

The best months to visit Italy are from April to June and September to October. At this time the crowd is also very less, and the weather is very pleasant. In such a situation, traveling to Italy will be very much enjoyed. You will not face any kind of trouble due to favorable weather.

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Italy is a country full of tourist places. From the point of view of tourism, there are many such places. There are many such cities, by visiting which you will feel wonderful pleasure and about the history, culture, and traditions of every city associated with this country.  

Colosseum Rome 

The Colosseum Roman Arena in Rome is the largest amphitheater in the world and one of the most famous arenas in Italy. The construction of the Colosseum Roman amphitheater was started by the Flavian king Vespasian in AD 72 and finished by his son Titus in AD 80. This arena was constructed as a huge building. More than 50,000 spectators can watch a performance at the Colosseum arena. There are 80 entrances to enter this building.


Venice is one of the best places to visit in Italy, a very romantic and attractive place. The city of Venice has a waterway called the Grand Canal, which is the city’s central waterway. This waterway is known as “The City of Water,” It winds its way through the city of Venice between the lagoon and St. Markin. While traveling to the city of Venice, you will find many such attractive places from where you can also see this wonderful waterway. People living in the city of Venice travel this waterway by bus named Baspatti, which runs here.  If you want a romantic atmosphere then taxis can prove to be the best option.

Santa Maria Del Fiore Florence 

The city of Florence, which is included in the top places to visit in Italy, is a very attractive city and a great place to visit for tourists visiting Italy. Santa Maria del Fiore is the city’s most beautiful cathedral and remains the center of attraction of the city. The Vasilica Church is one of the largest churches in Italy, built with marble panels. It is the largest brick dome in the world to date.

Piazza del Campo  

Piazza del Campo is a very beautiful and one of the best places to visit in Italy. It is famous in the world due to its beauty, and this place is considered to be the public historical center of Tucson. It attracts a lot of tourists due to its integrity and grandeur. The major attraction of this place is the horse races which are organized twice a year.

Pompeii City  

The city of Pompeii is a city located in the southeast of Italy, which is one of the major attractions of Italy. The city was turned into ruin due to a volcanic eruption many years ago.  The entire city was buried in ashes in this explosion. After being buried like this for 1200 years, this city was excavated. Due to which information about the life of the people here, more than 25 lakh tourists come to visit this city every year.

Positano City 

The city of Positano in Italy is a small town in Italy and is located in a mountainous region on the Amalfi Coast. This city is very attractive, and it is described by the famous author John Steinbeck in one of his articles.

Lake Como 

Lake Como is a very attractive place in Italy. The shape of Lake Como appears like an inverted Y. Due to the villas built in the Roman period. It has become a center of attraction for tourists. This lake is very famous due to the fresh air, water, and mountains.

Tower of Pisa 

The Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous towers in the world located in Italy. Which was built 177 year’s ago. This tower is built in 296 steps, whichever tourist is interested in climbing the high building. This place is very attractive for them.

San Gimignano 

San Gimignano is a small village in Tuscany in Italy, included in the best tourist places in Italy.  It is world famous for its 14 stone towers. It is a very attractive place for tourism and the tourists coming here can also get information about many years old battles here.

Valley of the Temples

The Valley of the Temples, included in the best places to visit in Italy, is known as a very ancient and archaeological place located in Sicily. There are many Greek temples in Sicily, and all these temples are more than 2400 years old. This tourist place makes the tourists familiar with the culture here.

Portofino City 

The city of Vasa Portofino, on the sea coast included in Italy’s tourism, is considered one of the most beautiful cities on the Italian Riviera.  Here tourists come to visit the beach and feel the joy. This place has been known as a day-trip destination for centuries.


Capri is a very attractive and wonderful place to visit in Italy, which was built in Roman times.  There is a cave named Blue Grotto, which is very attractive, people often come to visit.

St. Mark’s Basilica Venice 

St. Mark’s Basilica Church of Italy was built in the 11th century. The city of Venice, Italy, is very attractive, and at this place, the crown of Piazza San Marco is kept. The people living here know this place by the name of Basilica San Marco. Here the tourist will get information about many ancient gems which are kept in this church.


Naples is one of the best places to visit in Italy, where one gets the best pizza in the world.  Because pizza started from this place, you would definitely love to see this place during your trip to Italy.

Duomo of Orvieto

When you visit Orvieto, you will find information about seven different and strange types of stories when you visit all the tourist places of Italy. This place is considered to be the center of architectural art.

Mount Etna 

Mount Etna, located on the island of Sicily, is one of the highest volcanic peaks in the world.  Volcanoes often erupt at this place. There is a very beautiful garden around this volcano which is known as Parco Delitón. This is a very attractive place for those who are interested in Crackers and Fisher.

Sassi Di Matera 

There are many caves in the city of Matera in the main tourist destination of Italy. It is believed that when humans first started living in Italy, they used to live in these caves. These group of caves is also known as Sassi di Matera. The experience of drinking alcohol in these caves is considered very surprising.

Basilica di Shane Francesco

The Basilica di Shane Francesco, located in Assisi, Italy, was built in the 13th century in honor of the late Saint Francis. The Basilica di Francesco is considered one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Italy.


The Dolomites is a mountain range located in Italy that is very attractive. In the evening, the peaks of this range appear pink or purple in color, which looks very beautiful. This place is famous for winter sports.

San Vitale Basilica Ravenna

Located in the northern region of Italy, the city of Ravenna is a very popular destination for those interested in art and culture. You can see the amazing beauty and artifacts here.

La Paloma

La Paloma is a beach; this beach is sandy. Due to its shallow water, it looks very spectacular and attracts a lot of tourists.

Santa Maria Church

Santa Maria Church in Milan is a very famous church; it is an important example of architecture. It looks very beautiful due to the decorative boat in it. Tourists mainly come to this church to see the beautiful and attractive paintings made in it.

Trevi Fountain Rome 

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, the capital of Italy, was built in 1762 AD.  This is a very attractive fountain. The statue of Lord Neptune can be seen in the Trevi Pabbara.


The most famous inhabitant of Italy’s famous island of Elba was Napoleon, but Napoleon was expelled from this country. But even today, there is a house inhabited by Napoleon.  Hence this place has become a place to visit for tourists.


The city of Verona is famous for Romeo and Juliet. This unique city is known as the amphitheater built by the Romans. This city was built 2000 years ago. It is a very good place for tourism.

Herculaneum City

The city of Herculaneum in Italy was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption about 2000 years ago. But even today, its remains have been preserved very well and are a great destination for tourists visiting Italy.

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Interesting Facts About Italy 

Due to inflation and other problems around the world, it is difficult for the youth to settle in any other country. This is because a huge amount of money is needed for a house to live there with food and drink. But there is a village in the European country of Italy where the government is giving lakhs of rupees for living and business.

Yes, this is completely true. To settle in a beautiful village in Italy, the government there is helping Rs 24.75 lakh. This money will be available in Euros. That is, about 28,000 euros will be paid to the youth settling here. There is something very interesting about small but beautiful Italian towns and extremely cheap homes. Anyone can become the owner of a new home by paying very little money. But it has some conditions, which are not easy to fulfill.

This is the reason for the offer

Indeed, in the past few years, many places in Italy have faced a population crunch. That’s why many cities in Italy have offered homes at throwaway prices. Along with this, many types of facilities and financial help have also been announced. In one such case, in 2021, a town named Lorenzana in the Basilicata region of Italy was selling a house without any deposit for just 1 euro. Also included are towns such as Bisaccia, Cinquefrondi, and Sambuca.

This offer is going on for another village

Currently another village is welcoming residents with even more attractive offers. But on settling there in the Calabria region, the administration will pay a hefty amount to the home buyer for three years. But keep in mind that the age of the buyers should be less than 40 years. To promote this town, a new business will need to be started in the village which is also facing the problem of population.

Here are the problems

Calabria Town currently has only 2,000 residents. It has been battling a financial crisis for years. The challenge of bringing the economy back on track with a new business is also here. In this deal, people will not only get financial help, but they will also get panoramic views of the sea and mountains. This village is a very beautiful place.

Where to Stay in Italy?

If you want to stay here after visiting all the tourist places of Italy, then let us tell you that there are hotels from low-budget to high-budget in Italy. You can choose the hotel at your convenience.

  • Hotel Berna
  • Hotel Artemide 
  • Hotel Davanzati
  • Hotel David
  • IQ Hotel Roma 
How To Reach Italy?

To visit Italy tourist places, you can choose between flight, train, bus, car or ship.

How To Reach Italy By Flight?

If you have chosen the air route for the trip to Italy, then let us tell you that you will reach Italy easily by flight. Italy has international airports in major cities like Rome, Florence, Pisa, Milan, and Sicily.

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