Best Places in India For Honeymoon

Best Places in India For Honeymoon

Know Best Places in India for Honeymoon. Honeymoon is a way to cherish pleasant and sweet memories for life to come and understand each other properly. If you have not planned your honeymoon then we are giving information about the 10 Best Places in India for Honeymoon. From December in India, wedding songs and Pandit’s chants resonate. When the young partners tie the knot and the two live together, the newlyweds prepare to move out of the packed atmosphere of the wedding to a quiet place where they fall in love. Have a honeymoon. This is the most important moment in the life of any married young woman, whose memories they save for life. The warmth of the love of young couples also reduces the cold of December.

December is the perfect month for a honeymoon when newlywed partners come closest to each other. When love is in full swing and it is the month of December, then going on vacation to a good place is bound to happen.  To make a honeymoon perfect, visiting the most beautiful place makes the honeymoon very memorable. So if you are also planning your honeymoon destination at this time, then we are telling you about the most beautiful honeymoon spots in India.

Best Places in India for Honeymoon

We are telling you about the most romantic honeymoon places in India, famous for honeymoon couples, choose any one of these honeymoon destinations and cherish such memories that you will remember for life.

Daman and Diu

Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Daman and Diu

“Daman And Diu” is a paradise for celebrating and romancing a honeymoon. Daman and Diu is also a union territory in the south of Gujarat state. Amazing views of the beach can be taken here, a perfect view of the sun, sea and sand dunes. There are many activities to do here, in which you can enjoy a lot by holding your partner’s hand. Such as cycling with a partner, walking in the valleys, playing with the waves of the sea, etc. This place is full of love. If you are of little spiritual inclination then you can also visit the church here. Apart from this, you can enjoy a variety of dishes. So book your hotel soon and make every moment in Daman & Diu a memorable one with your lover.

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Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Udaipur

“Udaipur” is a very beautiful city located in Rajasthan for a honeymoon. Here you will get to see love-filled scenes, in which there is a perfect destination for a honeymoon, combining all of them with the culture, royal culture, and breathtaking lakes. You and your partner can go boating in the lake or lake present here. Here the royal culture can be seen in the forts or forts. Monarchy splendours add to the charm of this city. Udaipur is an ideal place for honeymoon couples where they can enjoy its beauty and serene atmosphere during their honeymoon. Your partner will love the city of Udaipur at Honeymoon Place in India.


Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Jaisalmer

The city of “Jaisalmer” is a paradise for art lovers. One can enjoy both family culture and royal experience here. By visiting here, you will feel like you can see a fairy world in reality as well. The sand dunes here will make you feel a Rajshri experience for the dunes and attractions. It is very hot in Jaisalmer most of the months so December is the best time to visit here at which time you can experience the desert trip of India. You and your partner will find a lot of activities to do here like safaris in the desert, camping in the night etc. You and your partner will undoubtedly enjoy a royal love and warmth here that will make your honeymoon vacation a memorable one.


Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Goa

Whenever it comes to Best Places in India for Honeymoon, “Goa” is known as the most exotic honeymoon destination in India. Goa is a place full of love for your partner and you where you will find many beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, bountiful cuisine, a fun-filled atmosphere and everything that will make your honeymoon spicy. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Goa. The beautiful beaches here not only give a peaceful atmosphere but also give you and your partner a chance to fall in love. So get ready and spend your honeymoon vacation in Goa where you can have a great time with each other in a sunbath, spa, floating tent, etc.

Munnar And Alleppey

Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Munnar And Alleppey

“Munnar” which is located in Kerala, is a very beautiful place for a honeymoon where you will find many tea gardens, fog-covered mountains and many resorts which will make your honeymoon tour memorable. Here you will find Excel houseboats that float in the river and allow you to spend a loving time on the river in the pleasant weather here. Munnar is the best place as a honeymoon destination, especially in December when there is very lovely weather here. If it starts raining here, then at that time you will get a chance to see even more beautiful scenery. You will find a romantic trail near the Western Ghats, tea gardens and a walk in the sand dunes will make your tour a pleasant one without a doubt.

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Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Andaman

“Andaman” is one of the best places in India for honeymoon where you will have water under your feet and you will get a chance to spend some time away from the land near the sea. An island group in Andaman attracts a lot of honeymooners. These days the craze of going to Andaman has increased a lot among honeymoon couples. Andaman which is situated in the wonderful blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, you will get to spend a golden time there. Spending time in and around the water will make those moments of love and romance between you and your life partner last for a lifetime. Andaman and Nicobar Island is not just about the beach and sea creatures or perfect weather but the place is also famous for its various cuisines. You can roam from island to island with your partner here and also go scuba diving, boat ride, or snorkelling in the water.


Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Darjeeling

Darjeeling is also an ideal place for a honeymoon which is situated at the bottom of the Himalayas. It’s a lot of fun to have a campfire at night in Darjeeling and what about a honeymoon night if dinner and wine heat things up between you and your partner. Darjeeling has tea gardens that are breathtaking to look at and spending time here will help add more love to you and your partner’s life. Here you will not get to see too many tourists in the winter season, so you can spend loving moments with your partner here comfortably. When the cool breeze blows at this romantic honeymoon place, you can give a cute little kiss on your partner’s cheek for which you were waiting for so long. Trekking, hiking here will add more adventure to your honeymoon trip, apart from this, the toy train ride here is a special attraction in which do not forget to go to.


Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Manali

You must have heard the name of Manali in Honeymoon Place in India and everyone knows that it is considered to be the first choice for a honeymoon. Kullu Manali can be a favourite destination for your honeymoon. Two Twin Sisters of Himalaya will give you a very amazing experience where you can admire the beauty of the plains here while making love with your partner. The snow-capped mountains, cool winds, and very pleasant weather will add to your honeymoon. Manali can be your favourite honeymoon destination in December where you can enjoy skiing, trekking, river rafting and paragliding


Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Shimla

The queen of hills, Shimla is a very popular place for honeymoon couples and there is no fixed season or time to visit here as the weather is good throughout the year so you can visit here anytime. When the month of December is cold, it is the best time to make love and sit in each other’s embrace. In Shimla, you will get a completely different experience where you will take a sip of Kulhad tea in the lush green weather or enjoy hiking here by holding your partner’s hand. Overall, where to go, you will enjoy the ultimate honeymoon in Shimla. The magical snowfalls here will add to the romance and love that you and your partner are waiting for, so go to Shimla for your honeymoon and do not forget to take the Kufri ride here.


Best Places in India For Honeymoon | Kashmir

Like heaven for all honeymoon couples, Kashmir is called Heaven on Earth. Its beauty, atmosphere, weather and everything present in Kashmir is not there in any other place. Kashmir is called the Switzerland of India and it is the best place for newly married couples. A boat ride in Kashmir will give you and your partner a great experience. Intermittent snowfall will increase the love between you and your partner. There is a very picturesque view of the sun in Dal Lake which will amaze you and your partner. You cannot miss the sight of the snow of the Himalayas.



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