Best Living Room Furniture – How To Pick A Coffee Table

Best Living Room Furniture – How To Pick A Coffee Table

When you’re in the market for a coffee table, the sheer number of choices available these days may overwhelm you. Also called cocktail tables, coffee tables come in various styles and materials. Dealers of the Best Living Room Furniture In UK can offer you whatever you seek. It can be something comfortable – fit for a farmhouse.

Or, it can exude the breezy vibes of coastal areas. You can also opt for something more contemporary. So, how do you pick a product that caters to your requirements while matching your tastes? The following guidelines will surely help you find what you seek.

Start With The Style

Of course, a coffee table has its purpose, but it’s more of an accent furniture piece. Therefore, you need something functional, as well as profoundly stylish. You should select something from one of the Best stores of Living Room Furniture UK that becomes the catcher-in-the-rye in the living room. Just make sure the style of your choice blends in with the rest of the décor of the room and everything else you’ve set up there.

Consider The Size

Coffee tables should be of the same height as the cushions you have on your chairs and sofa. Sometimes, they can even be a couple of inches lower. Most coffee tables are available in heights ranging between sixteen and eighteen inches.

Compared to coffee tables, the seat height of an average sofa is about seventeen to eighteen inches. Therefore, the higher the sofa, the higher your table has to be. A few contemporary sofas and couches tend to be lower than you expect. You should pay attention to the height of the coffee table while buying it if you own a contemporary sofa.

Choose A Location

Coffee tables are for the living rooms of houses, and you probably knew that already. However, you need to choose a location for the table carefully. It won’t look good if the product isn’t proportionate with the other furniture pieces present within the room.

There should also be enough space between the furniture items to allow everyone to walk freely without bumping into something. It’s best to maintain a distance of twelve to eighteen inches between the table and the chairs or sofas.

The table should be within reach of someone sitting on the sofa or chair yet far enough from the seating elements to ensure nobody trips over them.

How To Use

The purposes you expect your coffee table to serve will dictate your choice of materials and designs.

  1. Place it in a room that witnesses heavy use and where you put everything, including your feet, on the table. Prioritize products made of sturdy materials, such as wood or a combo of wood and metal.
  2. If you need something to store your headsets, remotes, eyeglasses, or books, look for a product with shelves or drawers.
  3. Those who everything from their sofas, including eating and working, should consider buying a lift-top product.


Well, there you have it – a basic guide to purchasing a coffee table that’ll add glamour to the living room while being useful in more ways than one. Start searching for products from a reputable furniture store online.


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