Benefit of Massage Therapy in Sherwood Park for Anxiety and Depression

Benefit of Massage Therapy in Sherwood Park for Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are two very common, yet serious illnesses. To handle this a Massage therapy in Sherwood Park can assist. Approximately 10% are suffering from a kind of depression. The two disorders can coexist, and are frequently left untreated. Depression and anxiety can hinder in the social functioning of an individual and result in a higher chance of being unemployed, suffering or even death. They may play an aggravating impact on other health conditions and can make an individual more vulnerable to diseases. Although depression and anxiety are usually treated effectively by using psychotherapy medications or combinations of both, they aren’t always appropriate and are not always accessible. Certain individuals might be in a position to not or are unwilling to use medication due to health issues or particular beliefs, interactions with drugs or undesirable negative side consequences.

Psychotherapy isn’t available in every community and can be expensive and demanding. The stigma of social status can deter some patients from seeking treatment. Certain people don’t respond well to standard treatments. It is evident that a readily accessible treatment that doesn’t have any unpleasant adverse effects can be beneficial.

 Positive effects on depression and anxiety.

The initial research conducted at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami Medical School found that 30 mines of massage therapy for hospitalized depressed adolescents over a five-day period led to a decrease in their mood and behavior. Since then, numerous studies have demonstrated that massage therapy may have positive effects on anxiety and depression. Actually, it’s one of the most frequently verified effects of massage.

Anxiety can be classified into two classes: state anxiety as well as trait anxiety. The state of anxious is a brief response to a stressful event. The trait anxiety is a continuous constant state of anxiety. There are numerous anxiety disorders such as anxiety disorder that causes panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder and so on. The practice of massage therapy was proven to have at the very least a minor advantages for both state as well as trait anxiety. Even one session of massage could help alleviate symptoms of anxiety triggered by state. However the sequence of massage sessions have been shown to have the most benefits and is believed to be especially beneficial for those suffering from trait anxiety.


What is massage therapy? How does it function?

We aren’t sure exactly how massage helps relieve anxiety and depression. In the past we believed that massage could reduce cortisol stress hormone and resulted in improvement. But, recent research has revealed that massage doesn’t reduce cortisol in the manner in that we believed. It is not clear which effects massage has on the body. There are some theories, but they don’t have enough evidence to prove these theories. Particular impacts on our nervous systems and neurotransmitters, hormones, and so on. Are being investigated. Humans are wired biologically to respond to tactile stimulation. Maybe it’s the combination result of focused, thoughtful attention and stimulation by tactile or maybe the muscular relaxation triggers the brain to switch to a euphoric state. We do not have to know exactly what causes this change to reap the benefits of it. As we continue to learn more about it over time, it will assist us in understanding how we can improve the effectiveness of massage therapy and also help to make massage more accepted as a treatment to treat depression and anxiety.

Christopher Moyer, Ph.D. is psychologist who has made important contributions to the research in the field of massage therapy. His article, Affective Massage Therapy, published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork provides a brief overview of the background of research in massage therapy and specifically, he analyzes the research that has been conducted regarding massage and anxiety as well as depression. Moyer was the co-editor of this volume Massage Therapy, Integrating Research and Practice and also wrote the chapter on depression and anxiety.

Massage therapists are confident of the fact that MT has been scientifically proven to help reduce depression and anxiety and that the advantages are considerable. There are, in fact, no other results in MT studies that have been as repeatedly proven as the psychological health advantages.

Moyer is careful to emphasize that, just like every treatment, responses to massage can differ and massage therapy is not in the same way for everyone. It is still unclear the best amount and frequency of treatments for maximum effect.

Anxiety and depression can be extremely dangerous and massage therapy shouldn’t substitute for medical care when necessary. Both therapists and clients should acknowledge the limitations of massage therapy. But, one advantage that massage therapy has is its accessibility. It is not required a prescription and you don’t typically have to wait for weeks or months to make an appointment. Gentle massages should not cause negative effects on the body and the stigma associated with it is usually absent. The benefits are usually felt instantly and a greater benefit is possible from a number of sessions.

People who are suffering from depression or anxiety should notify their massage therapist, so that they can be treated appropriately. Massage therapists in professional practice are required to maintain confidentiality for clients. Clients are not required to be embarrassed, and they don’t have to disclose information they would prefer to keep confidential.

Massage therapists must be familiar with the common mental health issues Assess depression and anxiety in the course of their intake, and advise those who have admitted to suffering from depression or anxiety that massage therapy could aid in reducing.

Bottom Line

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